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what is homeGear guider

homegearguider.com is a collection of top rated product reviews for both in-home and outdoor use. A group of geek who loves to pick and use of smart appliances for home and outdoor. We tell people about best products on market who wants to save their time and energy while searching for an ideal product regardless of their budget.

Doesn’t matter what short of thing you are searching about – A cleaning Gear or a kitchen gear, A bed room thing or garden tools – we will make your shopping process more easier by testing, picking and finally reviewing about the best items on the market.

How we do reviews?

Our recommendations are come out through a hard process of researching and testing of a specific item.

We are trying to be as objective ass possible. We spend more than 4,000 hours a year researching, testing and reviewing new products to provide recommendations we’re willing to stake our reputation on.

Firstly, we think about product’s features, usability and and see what others are saying about for this specific item.

Secondly, we make a short list of best selling products presents on market. Then we tested by using with different people, compare their key and additional features with price, consider their ease of use and lifespan. At the same time we also grab out comment, advice and warning of buyers who have previously brought.

Finally, our expert writers team are sitting down to write a in depth review about specific product or products. Our editorials team will double check the content and publish in our website.

Let’s be honest, we are totally independent. There’s no big brand or company behind us to tell us what to do and which products to promote. We’re a small group who do all the work ourselves as we don’t want to be influenced by the corporate world.

How we pick best products?

  • Market research : We study novelties of the market, the most popular companies and their products.
  • Identifying key features : We decide on the product features which are the most important for the customers.
  • Selecting products : We choose the best-selling products which customers loved.
  • Analyzing reviews : We thoroughly study byers’ reviews for each product.
  • Manual testing : We independently test the products we choose to check their real characteristics.
  • Ranking : We give scores to the chosen products according to their quality, functionality, and price.
  • Writing reviews : We write in-detail descriptions of the items’ features.
  • Buying guide : We sum all our findings up to help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Contact us if you need help with a particular buying issue, haven’t found a product you’re interested in, or have thought you’d like to share.

homeGear Guider’s team

Mark L. Jimmie

I am Mark L. Jimmie a professional blogger, website content writer. I would love to write vacuum cleaner reviews and buying guide for my audience. I am using 10 vacuum cleaners for my pet hair, carpet, stair from 10 different companies.

I am sharing my vacuum using experience on this blog “HomeGear Guider”. If you would like to know more about vacuum cleaner then feel free contact with us.


Robert is a vacuum cleaner fanatic and expert. He grew up repairing and selling vacuum cleaners in his Dad’s home appliance sales and repair shop in the North of England, UK. When he’s not reviewing vacuum cleaners for this site he likes to spend time with his partner and young daughter and he also works in construction as a Project Manager as his day job!


Amy is a stay-at-home-mom, seasoned writer, and a home cleaning and organization authority. Amy enjoys having an absolutely spotless home and has worked hard to develop strategies to keep it that way, despite having 2 kids and 3 dogs! Amy loves sharing her top tips to declutter and achieve a sparkling house with minimal effort.