8 Best Blenders For Protein Shakes (Top Picks in 2021)

Protein Shake is by far the most widely consumed supplement. If you are one of those fitness conscious people, then making protein shakes is in your daily routine. Therefore, it is an uttermost want to make it quicker and more effective.

So, how can you do that? The answer is just a specialized blender that can deliver more deep-breaking of the ingredients and makes the process hassle-free.

Well, keeping that not in mind, we are here with the Best Blender for protein shakes review. The review is going to get you one step closer to some of the market-leading and budget-friendly blender of 2020. Want to learn more? Then hop into the next section.

Quick Answer – best blender for making protein shakes.

Detail Review of 8 Best Blender for Protein Shakes in 2021

It is the time to get started with today’s investigation and find out the top performing, durable, and deal-breakers. Let’s drag the mouse and begin with the first one.

1. Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender – Best For Personal Use


  • Motor power: 900 watts
  • Automatic programs: 0
  • Manual programs: 1
  • 18oz & 24oz Nutri Ninja Cups
  • BPA free components
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Item color: Black & Silver Finish
  • Dimension: 6 x 6 x 14 inches
  • Item weight: 4.8 lbs

Ninja Nutri pro personal blender
Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender


From extracting fruits to veggies, there is nothing to compare with this Ninja Nutri professional level blender. Unlike regular blenders, this single serve blender is capable of breaking down more deeply. As a result, you get better extractions of vitamins and other nutritional ingredients.

Not only for veggies and juices, but it is also a perfect mate for making protein shakes and smoothies. Beyond all, the 900-watt motor is eligible to play the best every time you turn it on. You get one 18 oz and one 24 oz of the cup along with the unit. The comparably low-price also makes this a great deal.  

We found the manual pulse feature useful when it comes to crushing ice and other substantial objects. Besides, it is easy to twist the lids and get your shakes on the go. Nonetheless, this Ninja protein shakes BPA free.   

Things I like most

  • Good extraction results
  • Easy to use
  • Sufficient motor power
  • Price-efficient
  • No hassle to clean

What could be better?

  • Makes a loud noise

2. Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender – Best Overall


  • Motor power: 2 HP peak.
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Variable speed controls
  • Pitcher / Jar size: 64 oz
  • Cord length 6 feet
  • 7 years warranty.


  • Item color: Black
  • Dimension: 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches
  • Item weight: 10.56 lbs
vitamix 5200 professional grade blender
Vitamix 5200 professional grade blender


The next one on the list is a pure black thunder from the Vitamix lines. In any sort, this is the most powerful blender for frozen drinks or your favorite smoothies. If you are not in a frame of mind to compromise and get the maximum performance, try this premium blender for your daily protein shakes.

With the variable speed controller, it becomes easier to get the textures you want in your crushing results.

On the contrary, there is a 64 oz. of the big jar to handle any sort of blending. Alongside this, it is supported with a self-cleaning feature, which takes only 30 to 60 seconds to get the job done. There is also thermal protection and cooling fan to avoid overheat and overload issues.

The blades are capable of creating excellent speed and friction heat. It only takes 6 minutes to crush the frozen objects into your expected requirements. Besides, the stainless-steel made blades are designed to last longer than average.

There is a 6 feet long cord so that you can connect it to the board even it’s too far. Lastly, the pro-grade blender is backed by seven years of warranty, which secures your investment. In our thought, paying more means, you are getting more. That is what this Vitamix blender is all about.  

Things I like most

  • Superb blender power
  • High-end blades
  • Self-cleaning jar
  • Safety measures have been taken
  • Delivers maximum control  

What could be better?

  • Only for premium customer due to high price
  • Plug design should be improved

3. NutriBullet NBR-1201 High-Speed Blender – Best Durable


  • Motor power: 600 watts
  • The number of speed: 1
  • Pitcher / Jar size: 24 oz
  • BPA free components
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 1-year warranty


  • Item color: Black
  • Dimension: 12.87 x 9 x 13 inches
  • Item weight: 7.4 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
Nutribullet BRR-1201 high speed blender
Nutribullet BRR-1201 high speed blender


Right up at number three, we have NutriBullet NBR-1201 blender, to bring you the fastest blending speed. It only takes one minute to blend stuff like smoothies and protein with this speedy blender.

For making your healthy protein shakes more special, this blender is backed by a 600-watt motor and high-quality extraction blades. Together that makes the blended result more satisfactory and delivers you the most out of everything.

The re-sealable lids make it easy to keep the container clean and get your shakes straight out of the jar. Make sure to twist off the blades after every usage and rinse it with soap and water.

We are also fond of the intuitive design that makes this blender user-friendly. What you have to do is push and twist, and then the blending will be started. Nothing is complex.

All the plastic cups are BPA-free certified as well. So, the durability is up to mark. Also, there is the assurance of a one year warranty with the blender is just under 100 dollars.  

Things I like most

  • Super easy to clean the blades and container
  • Simplified but sturdy design
  • Emphasized blending power
  • One year of warranty
  • Re-sealable lids

What could be better?

  • Small-sized container
  • The sealing condition of the cups is not tight enough

4. Ninja QB900B 400-Watt Blender – Best Compact


  • Motor power: 400 watts
  • Speeds – Pulse Technology
  • Pitcher / Jar size: 48 oz
  • BPA free components
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Warranty – 1 Year


  • Item color: Silver
  • Dimension: 11 x 12.25 x 7 inches
  • Item weight: 5.42 lbs
  • Material: Plastic
Ninja QB900B 400-watt Blender
Ninja QB900B 400-watt Blender


The QB900B is the next generation blender, which is not only limited to blending but also can tackle chopping. Therefore, if there is more you want to do than making your favorite margaritas juice or protein shakes, it is probably the perfect scope.

On the other hand, crushing healthy and frozen ingredients like ice, the seed takes only a few seconds to blend with this multi-talented Ninja blender. Indeed 400-watt is not the maximum power in a similar class, but this is sufficient enough to handle regular use.

The pod technology is completely interchangeable, which can switch chopper and pitcher according to your need. Definitely, that feature makes it the unique and versatile blender among all.

All the attachments are dishwasher safe. So, you can be assured about cleaning them after every use. Nevertheless, the design is also followed by no-slip and 100% safety assurance. As a result, every attachment remains steady in the right place while running the machine.

As the Ninja QB900B is backed by one of warranty support, there is no risk investing in this personal blender. So, what is your opinion about this deal-breaker?

Things I like most

  • Multi-purpose blender
  • BPA-free construction
  • Safe from dishwasher
  • All the essential cups and attachments included
  • Affordable price

What could be better?

  • Noise issues in motor
  • Incapable of creating a proper vortex 

5. Sboly Personal Blender – Best For Travel


  • Motor power: 300 watts
  • One-touch operation system
  • Silicon Ice-cube tray included
  • Pitcher / Jar size: 20 oz
  • BPA free components
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Item color: Silver
  • Dimension: 4 x 4 x 14.7 inches
  • Item weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Material: Tritan Stainless Steel
sboly personal blender
Sboly personal blender


Sboly personal blender might be the most budget blender under $50 of today’s best blender for protein shakes review. The mini mixer allows you to make your protein shakes on the go. Within only ten seconds, this blender delivers you’re your drinks.

Inside the container, there is four blades setup, which is made of stainless steel to ensure durability and better cutting performance.

In order to prevent the overheating issue, the blender is constructed with unique technology. The system only works if the jar is installed in the right manner. In this way, you can avoid many common incidents.  

Another likable aspect is the compact size and weight of this blender. It is easy to store and carry anywhere you want.

The cup that it comes with is capable of 20 oz, and it is dish-washable. Besides, the included free ice cube tray is an extra value to this deal.

Things I like most

  • Superior blending result
  • It takes less time to crush
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Very affordable
  • Dishwasher safe

What could be better?

  • Less motor power
  • Does not come with modern features

6. Oster BLSTPB-WPK Personal Blender – Best For Low Budget


  • Motor power: 250 watts
  • Cord length: 16 inches
  • Pitcher / Jar size: 20 oz
  • BPA free components
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Item color: Pink
  • Dimension: 6.9 x 6.7 x 14.9 inches
  • Item weight: 1 lbs
  • Material: Plastic
Oster BLSTPB-WPK Personal Blender
Oster BLSTPB-WPK Personal Blender


Oster has already got recognition for bringing the most affordable product in the market. And this BLSTPB-WPK personal blender is another apparent one.

After researching around 100 existing users’ experience, we found there is no mention-able performance flaw. Alongside this, the users and we are also satisfied with the blades and other materials quality.

You get a sports bottle with this blender. The “Make it and then keep it” concept ensures you get the protein shakes on the way from home to the gym.

Since there is a re-settable fuse technology used, the motor gets its life back after fifteen minutes. It is also safe from overheating problems.

Also, the 15.25x 5 X 5 product dimension is adaptable. The only objection here is the 16-inch cord length. It supposed to be lengthier than the current size.  

Things I like most

  • High-end construction
  • Impressive blending power
  • No overheating issue
  • Less noise pollution
  • Budget-friendly price

What could be better?

  • Less powerful motor
  • Not quite performing for blending robust materials

7. Homgeek Professional Blender for Protein Shakes – Best Countertop


  • Motor power: 1450 watts
  • 4 Pre-programmed Settings& 8 Speeds Control
  • Self-Cleaning Function
  • Pitcher / Jar size: 68 oz
  • BPA free components
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Item color: Red
  • Dimension: 7.8 x 7 x 19 inches
  • Item weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Material: Tritan
Homgeek professional blender
Homgeek professional blender


Get the maximum control with eight variable speed settings and four preset programs of this Homgeek blender. Crushing different objects and trying versatile recipes is not a worry anymore.

The professional-grade blender made to last longer also. As the price is higher, Homgeek has emphasized on building this with the best possible quality materials. For instance, the three layers of stainless steel can tackle heavy-duty needs.

Inside the blender, there is a 2.25 HP motor, which can generate 30000 RPM. The power is enough to deliver you the fastest blending result.

Also, to monitor the over process, there is a stock timer display. Therefore, there is no risk, only gain. Even you don’t have to worry about the cleaning as well. Since all of the constructions are certified with BPA-free concern, so, using a drop of a dishwasher and spending 30-60 seconds would be enough to get the cleaning done.

Another plus is the 2-liter size of the container, which allows you to make your all-day protein shakes at once. It is the gap that you want to fill in your kitchen, and that is why it is the perfect match for everyone.

Things I like most

  • Lab certified blending machine
  • No over process issues can occur
  • Extremely power motor
  • The large size of the jar
  • It takes less time to get you the result

What could be better?

  • A bit loud
  • High price

8. Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set – Best For Juicing


  • Motor power: 250 watts
  • Uses: Chop, mix, blend, whip & more
  • Make: Mousse, smoothies, ground coffee
  • BPA free components
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 1-yr limited warranty


  • Item color: Coffee
  • Dimension: 13 x 8.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Item weight: 0.952 ounces
  • Material: Stainless Steel
Magic bullet MBR-1701 blender
Magic Bullet MBR-1701 Blender


At last, we have the very expected Magic Bullet blender, which is the people’s favorite pick by thousands of users. All of the cups are constructed with high-quality plastic.

The blender is followed by the technology to deliver your complete blending solution. You get two different shaped blades, four mugs, two jars, and four rings for the cups. There are also four lids inside the package.

All of the cups and mugs are both heat and the cold environment protected. Besides, these are also certified with a BPA-free tag.

The crushing technology here is not like the others. You have to load your protein recipes inside and press the bullet down to crush. There is no buttons system, which might be no accepted by all, but the performance is impressive enough to have your attention. We would say it works better in case vegetables, spaghetti, cheese, onions, and others. So, there is nothing to be worried for making green smoothies to Margaritas with this versatile blender.

Indeed, it is made in China. That is why the production cost and the retail price is affordable. And you don’t have to worry about the risk since it is backed by one year of warranty.

Things I like most

  • Backed by one year warranty
  • All the necessary attachments are included
  • Performs quite good when chopping
  • Top-notch quality assurance
  • BPA-free materials

What could be better?

  • Requires more efforts than a regular blender

Buying Guide of Best Blender for Protein Shakes

Getting the best blender to make your protein shakes smoother is not a big deal anymore if you have the right blender for the purpose. What you need to follow is the below instruction before your pick in hand. Remember, the recommendations that are given below by the experts. Therefore, be relaxed and make sure to grab all the aspects while buying your gig.


It’s needless to mention that the motor is the main backbone of a blender. Based on the power of a motor, you can assume how well it is going to perform. Usually, in the case of a blender, it is measured by the watts, but in some exceptional and high cases, you might see HP (Horse Power).

Whatever it is getting, the blender should have at least 200 watts above the motor inside to deliver satisfactory results. If you want to do other kinds of stuff as well besides making protein shakes, the more watts you have, the better you go.


The second important aspect of a good quality blender is the blades inside the container or sometimes attached to the power unit. As the modernization in the class is arising, having only regular blades is not enough.

Your best blender should have stainless steel made blade. That sort of blades tends to last longer and crushes objects effectively.

On the other hand, having versatile blades is also a plus since you might need to use that blender for different purposes.


There are different sorts of control mechanisms you would find. Some of them have only a pulse or single tap; some come with speed monitor, some have specialized speed presets. Now, this feature depends on what are the ingredients you are going to crush.

If you are going to blend veggies, seeds, spaghetti, and more different objects that require different approaches, then having more control is better. It is not like that you can’t blend those with a single pulse blender. Indeed, you can. Those features actually make the blending process easier for users.

Durability and Warranty

Just like the blades, your blender must pass the durability test before getting in hand. All the necessary equipment like a cup, mug, and lid should be made of high impact plastic and rubber. Besides, there should BPA-free tag on your blender. Getting a blender with a warranty is also a safe investment for any first-timer.

protein shakes blender
Best Blender For Protein Shakes.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use a blender for protein shakes?

Yes, you can. Making protein shakes is way easier to with a blender actually. Load all the base ingredients in the blender jar, and then blend. You can add in some ices to make the shakes thicker.

Q: What is the best blender for protein shakes?

For getting you to the best answer to this query, we have already listed our in-depth forensics results above. You can count on Homgeek Professional,  Ninja QB900B, NutriBullet NBR-1201. Look into the review portion to learn more about their performance and durability.

Q: Is it bad to drink two protein shakes a day?

Having protein shakes twice a day for months might impact on your weight. It is going to start metabolism. It is also assumed that that weight loss might not be a fact to worry about since it is momentary.

Q: Which blender is best NutriBullet or Ninja?

Ninja is the better contender when it comes to blending side dishes as well as smoothies. On the contrary, NutriBullet is the way to go if you are fond of protein shakes, soup, in sort, more liquid kind of recipes.

Q: Is it better to blend or shake protein?

Indeed, it is better to blend the shakes. In this way, you can crush and mix all the ingredients properly, which will digest and work faster inside your body.

Final Verdict

Well, we are done with another forensics on finding the best blender for protein shakes. In this review, we have shared our experience and other users’ feedback regarding those blenders. There is no suspicion that all of them are the best in performance and durability compared to other typical blenders.

Enjoying your protein shakes is going to be hassle-free and yummier. So, take a break and pick the one that got your attention the most. And let us know what’s going in your mind. Take care, stay home.

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