Best Blender with Glass Jar (Best Picks & Guide) in 2021

You’ll agree with me when I say:

A good blender can help you quickly prepare a broad spectrum of foods. Such faster-cooked meals can range from smoothies to your favorite soups.

 If you’re looking for an excellent blender that is durable and blends even the toughest ingredients, blender models with glass jars are an excellent choice for you.

This guide is here to help. It has sifted through and distilled for you the best blender with a glass jar that is durable and perfect for most ingredients.  Also, this guide will walk you through all the factors to consider while buying your best blender.

Let’s dive in.

6 Best Glass Jar Blender Reviews

1. Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

The Oster blender Pro 1200 gets the highest marks in our list. It is a simple blender, but if you’re interested in preparing meals quickly and easily, this is the best machine for you. Its 1200 watts takes every cooking remarkably and rapidly entirely.

 The blender processor comes with interchangeable features for you to switch from soups to salsas and smoothies ideally quickly. Its food chopper is smartly designed with a high technology make-up that increases cooking speed; which is especially excellent for kids and busy people.

Even better, Oster Blender comes to you with three pre-programmed settings which help you only to touch and make your milkshakes, smoothies and salsas without technical skills. Forget about wasting food or using more power that burns and destroys ingredients because Oster blender comes to you with precise controlling features for your meals.

 Another excellent benefit with the Oster blender is its forward and reverse blending ability.  This allows all ingredients to easily flow down into the blades perfectly and faster for smoother results.  Its blades system is also upgraded to over 50% compared to its previous models.

The jar is large enough with a capacity of 6 cups which can serve you and your entire family or even friends, especially when making blended juices. When it comes to longevity and rust-free blenders, the Oster blend still takes the lead with its stainless steel materials. You won’t also need an external slicing disk or a chopping blade because Oster comes packed with these.


  • Excellent for Ice crushing
  • Ten years warrant
  • Highly durable
  • Dishwasher safe jar
  • Easy to clean as the blender prevents ingredients from sticking inside


  • No customer supports from makers
  • Easily leaks when frequently used on smoothing mode

2. Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cooking Glass Jar Blender

The Ninja Foodi for cold and hot meals comes in second gathering praises for its heat and auto IQ features. This blender is an excellent choice for you if you desire a blender that comes with plenty of power capacities for faster cooking that are also easily controllable. It comes with 1400 quick peaking watts motors that have high speeds for ice crushing and smooth making.

Its 800-watts heating element that is infused is also highly suitable for drinks and soups. If you’re a liquids foods enthusiast, this is the best blender in the market for you.

A good blender should also be able to help you store your juices either hot or cold without going bad; this is precisely what the Ninja Foodi Cold and hot blender offer you. It comes with an oz ability of about 64ozs capacity that is suited to keep a maximum of 56oz liquid capacity.

Enjoy intelligent programs with this blender that comes to you with 12 automated programs patterns that make pausing and pulsing ease at all times.  The blender also has precision temperature controlling abilities to keep all ingredients fresh and healthy. Even better, its one-touch design makes blending exciting for delivering incredible results without efforts.

If you’re a busy person or you like foods to get ready faster, this blender’s quick boiling capability within minutes will get you served perfectly, yes its 800 watts takes the shortest cooking time possible for all ingredients you desire.

For ice cream lovers, this is still your blender of the year because you’ll find the tamper that makes it easy for ice cream as well as pushing ingredients down quickly.


  • Ease and safe to clean due to its blade brush inside
  • Non-sticking pitcher
  • Rust-free
  • Durable
  • Comes with the sauce recipe


  • Plastic base easily breaks
  • No extra-base container

3. Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

If you have set your heart on a great blender with a glass jar, but you don’t want to spend much on it, the magic bullet blender is an excellent machine for you.

As affordable as the blender is, you’ll still enjoy additional cups, a recipe book and 13 pieces of blender set. These accessories help you to save extra-cost buying them if you were using other models which come without additional blender devices.

This blender is also a master at work because of its abilities to blend mixes, whips and even grinding most people’s favorite ingredients. Its cups are also made of quality plastic that is durable again saving you money from buying fragile glass cups.

Magic bullet blender is also designed to work in an effortless way that blends content more comfortable and faster. It comes with a high power capability of 250 watts that works more quickly for busy and hungry owners.

If you desire to blend vegetables, you’ll need a blender that comes with vegetable blending features which is something you’ll get from the magic bullet. It comes to you with a half-sized cup specifically designed for vegetables.

If you’re genuinely busy, this blender is an excellent meal-maker for you because of its convenient and faster flip that is made with the to-go lid only for people on the rush. Making appetizers and desserts can be hard if you’re not a cooking enthusiast. Still, with this blender, that is not a thing to worry because its recipe book is ultimately detailed to help you prepare anything you want with ease.


  • Multiple chores- mixing, blending and chipping
  • Easy to find replaceable blades and cups
  • Its blades are excellent smooth makers
  • Affordable
  • Simple cleaning with water & soap


  • The motor produces oil residues
  • Dull blades for cutting ice

4. Oster BLSTAJ-CB Blender 6-Cup Glass Jar

You will want to like the Oster BLSTAJ-CB blender because it comes with three pieces of refresher kit that you can use conveniently at all times.  If you worry about serving others, this blender comes with a 6 cups glass jar that can help you and your relatives comfortably.

Oster is an excellent blender you can use at home without worrying about durability since the blender is made of resistant glass jar that is resistant to rust and adverse conditions. The jar also doesn’t break easily like other models.

Excellent enough, this blender’s glass jar is resistant to thermal shock hence keeping you safe from electric shocks and burning risks.  Still, your blender will withstand extreme temperature changes and keep fixing your meals without comprising quality.

While making appetizers, a good blender should help in measuring and filling, this is another feature you’ll enjoy with the Oster BLSTAJ- blender because it comes with a filler cap for measuring and filling aid.

The filler cap is also removable so you can take it out and measure your ingredients far away from the blender to store them for later preparations. If you want to crush ingredients before blending, this is also a useful tool for you. It comes with crushing abilities you’ll hardly find from other models.

Its jar is also suitable to use on other blender bases despite being models of blenders with glass jars or not. This means you can use its jar with another blender without worrying about the results. It is also economical-friendly due to its replaceable glass jar.


  • Shipping takes a short time
  • Suitable if you have a broken Oster carafe
  • High blending speed
  • Durable
  • High-quality glass material


  • Inside glass lid breaks easily
  • Its jar doesn’t fit others like 1200 pro blenders

5. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Sometimes the best thing is to get what you pay for. This is precisely what ice cream lovers get when they pay for the Hamilton Beach power elite blender because of its 700 watts power that is excellent for peak blending and ice crushing.

Another good thing about this blender is that you’ll like its wave action design. This design is made to help you quickly pull your mixtures down into the blades for quick and consistent smooth results.

The blender’s 12 blending options and functions make it a useful tool you’ll want to have at home. Its multi-function is easy to use because, with only five simple buttons that everyone can easily control and read from the panel, creating smoothies, shakes and icy drinks have not been easy as this before.

Safety is another feature you’ll enjoy with this blender because of its removable blades and lid.  Without removing blades, cleaning would be hard and cutting your fingers and hands could be a thing that occurs mostly while cleaning your blender.  Even better, this model is designed with a safe dishwasher make-up for easy cleaning.

Some blenders pour ingredients and many people hate that, if you’re tired of such blenders, here is one that is an excellent choice for you. This model comes designed with no- pouring features so you can fill it and won’t have to worry about pouring things when blending.

If you like to blend frozen fruits, this is also the best blender that is designed with an excellent feature for blending frozen fruits at all times.


  • Multifunctional
  • Long-warrant policy of 3 years
  • Produces excellent smoothies
  • Easy to operate buttons
  • Pouring snout comes with a cap for easy pouring


  • Takes long to heat meals
  • Leaves chunks and uneven frozen fruits pieces

6. BLACK+DECKER Countertop Blender

Coming last in our list is the Black DECKER counter blender that is made of stainless blades and works as a multi-level stainless tool that stands adverse weather for quality results. This blender is also an efficient one if you’re interested in a blender that saves power because of its design.

Consistency is another feature you’ll enjoy with this blender due to its range of blending speeds. When serving a large number of people, you’ll want a blender with considerable size and the Black decker blender comes to you with a sizeable to fill 6 cups of ingredients.

The blender is also the right choice when it comes to elimination of spills and drips because it is made with a perfect pouring spout that makes sure there are no spills. The safe dishwasher design is another feature to like from this blending machine; this is because its parts are easily removable and easy to clean in your dishwashers which simplify your juice-making task.

When you’re in a rush or just desire to handle tasks faster, your juice making will need a faster blender at work. Well, that is what you can expect from this blender because when working its 500 watts of power handles blending at different levels based on the needs. You can have it working at a higher peak or reduce it as you please.

Its motor is made of a quick controlling pulse that you can select from its ten options. Its stainless power level option is also to help you use it efficiently and faster or reduce its speed at your convenience.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable glass material
  • Removable parts
  • Pouring snout eliminates spills
  • Peak performing power motor


  • Produces sound
  • Can’t work with mason jars due to collar compatibility

Buying Guide – Things to look while buying a Blender with glass jug

By far, most blenders use pitchers and plastic jars; you can set your heart on glass jars. This is because glass is a classy and long-lasting material if you will give it the right care and maintenance. When it comes to buying the best blenders with a glass jar in the market, it can be daunting without having a guide that will walk you through the things you should consider before paying for one.

This is why this guide is here; you’ll find everything you should consider and know to help you buy the best blender that will satisfy you. Let’s find that out:

Type of food

If you’re a genuinely health enthusiast, you’re probably keeping away from plastic made blenders because you hate keeping hot foods on it.  The type of food you’re interested in using your blender for goes hand in hand with the material of the blender.

 If you’re looking to keep hot liquids, a plastic blender is not an option for you. This is because plastic retains heat which can cause infections because of plastic particles leaking into your food.


When it comes to material, plastic blenders and especially lower-end models are likely to crack easily, which turns out to be costly when you consider replacing or buying new ones now and then. Even though they say blending hot foods using either a plastic or glass blender depends on your skills on how to use blenders, a glass blender is an excellent choice because it won’t easily crack or lead to unhealthy particles like a plastic blender.

If you’re an exercises enthusiast and you usually go to the gym, you’ll want to try the recently invented blender for hot drinks, and that is made of glass which makes glass blenders your way to go. The idea here is to make sure you buy a blender that is durable and doesn’t lead to harmful effects on foods, and that is going to be a glass blender.


The taste of the meals you make is part of the value you should get from your blender. Plastic blenders tend to absorb odors, and at times their dishwashers keep odors for long. Glass blenders, on the other hand, don’t have odor issues at all.  This will probably make you to get your heart again on glass blenders.


The best blender comes with a glass jar pitcher that has its blades at the bottom, and if you buy the one that works effectively, you’ll enjoy its vortex space that allows ingredients to circulate to ensure there is thoroughly blending without leaving big chunks and piece especially for fruits. While buying, make sure you pay for a blender that will give you magnificent results to enjoy your meals always.

Price and performance

These two goes hand in hand; if you consider the most considerable cheap blenders, you might end up buying a blender that doesn’t deliver satisfying results. While buying, it is wise to purchase blenders at a substantial prize but not very cheap, so you’d enjoy the value of your money with the results delivered.


When it comes to blenders with glass jars, some questions do arise that you should be aware of to help you stay in the light about these products. Below are such questions you’ll come across:

How well does a blender with a glass jar blend?

Answer: Well, the answer to this is simple; there is no reason people should settle for blenders that don’t work best. At the very least, a good blender should be able to make puree soups, smoothies and chop ice.  Additionally, a good blender should deliver smoothies without lumps and ice that are ready.

Now, the right answer to this question is that the best blender with a glass jar should provide quality meals at a faster speed without compromising quality. 

How long does a blender with a glass jar take to blend?

Answer: if you like getting the best results, you should know that blenders with glass jars come in different sizes and models based on their prizes.  The fastest model should take about 8 minutes to get you served with excellent results. The speed is also based on the power level of the blender so you may want to buy a blender with a glass jar that has high voltage power.

Are blenders with glass jars programmable?

Answer: well, not all blenders with glass jars are programmable.  To help you get the best blender even without being a programmable one, you should consider buying those that you know come with easy to use buttons and are trusted when it comes to quick delivery of meals. Our first product can help you with the best results at all times.

How easy can you clean blenders with glass jars?

Answer:  Ease of cleaning is based on two factors- removable parts and safe- cleaning dishwasher features.
Blenders that come with dishwashers are designed to be able to clean them safely while those with removable parts are easy and safe to clean as well.

How big should a blender with a glass jar be?

Answer: Depending on your needs, you can buy a blender that serves from 3 to 6 cups of ingredients.


At the end of this review, we believe you’ve selected one or two among the above-listed blenders that will perfectly meet your needs. This guide serves as your road map to knowing the best blenders with glass jars available in the market and why you should consider them.

Maybe you’ve decided to go with product one or two or a combination of both; the best thing is to know that blenders with glass jars are healthy consciously designed. They don’t have issues with heating that leads to microscopic particles falling onto foods, and most of the enlisted products are affordable.

At this point, you should be able to know the factors to put in mind while buying as well as the material you should look for. In a nutshell, these enlisted blenders are the best choice for cold and hot juices.

If you’ve been on the looking out for the best blenders in the market with glass jars as of 2020, we hope our recommendations will get you one that will serve you perfectly. 

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