5 best vacuum for bed bugs in 2021 | Say Goodbye to dust-Mites

Family health is always our first priority. Insect infestations might be the worst problems to deal with. If you are already facing an infestation of bed bugs in your home or office, the reality is that you might need the best vacuum for bed bugs.

Don’t even try to deny it!

But no matter how clean your bed sheet and pillow looks like mites and bugs can be easily found in the bed in your house.

No I’m not kidding.

Bed bugs do not make nests like bees but tend to survive in groups in hiding places. And the worst part, the bed is the main target of most mites since they can easily hide underneath for days without noticing.

Sound’s horrible, but it’s true.

While it might sound challenging to get rid of those little monsters, from your bed, but cleanliness is the only solution.

Does it sound like you?

A simple yet effective option is to take the help of a vacuum cleaner. If you are desperately seeking what is best for bed bugs, this article is going to take your cleanliness to the next level. We sorted out some of the finest cleaners that will help you to eliminate all the hidden dust mites and bugs.

Stay along.

Quick Answer – Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner For Bed Bugs.

Looking for the best vacuum to get rid from bed bugs? Here is our pick:

Our Handpicked List of 5 Best Vacuums for Bed Bugs Reviews

Every people want to get the best machine to get rid of bed bugs. But it’s confusing about which vacuum is good for bed bugs? After hours of research, we find some good vacuum cleaner that really works against bed bugs and dust mites.

Here are our reviews of top 5 best vacuums for bed bugs.

1. Best For Allergy Sufferers – Dibea Handheld Bed Vacuum Cleaner


Dibea Vacuum Cleaner
Dibea Vacuum Cleaner

Features & Style

  • 6 stage HEPA system
  • Rated Power: 300 W
  • Cord length: 4.5 m
  • Dustbin: 400 ml
  • UV lamp power: 9 W
  • UV lamp length: 20 cm
  • Beating Frequency: 1200 cycle/min


If you or your child is especially sensitive to allergens, buying a vacuum with a UV-10 is a good starting point.

Does it sound like you?

Here is the cleaner for you- dibea corded vacuum cleaner! People who have dust allergies are suffering from sneeze, cough, and skin rashes more easily. This UV-10 bed vacuum is highly efficient in cleaning to protect your family.

My Impression

We absolutely love it’s High-frequency vibration.


Up to 33000 cycle/min frequency, it can beat out dust in your bed sheets, couch, mattress, pillows, and even kids’ toys. In the meantime, three rows of S-type brush will pick them all.

But wait….

You will find out a UV sterilization which treats molecular bonds and suck up embedded bacteria, allergens, viruses, dander, and dust.

Another feature that impresses us most is the Long UV lamp that is quite handy in removing dust. Surprisingly the rate is around up to 99.9%.

3 Features you’ll Love

  • 6 Stage Filtration Systems: Yes, you heard that right. 6 stage HEPA Filter catches 99.9% of particles; even the tiniest 0.3 microns will trap and releases the fresh air.
  • Intelligent Technology: Intelligent electronic works to prevent leakage.
  • Soft Roll Brush: The roller brushes gently suck all danger, cleaning them all. The best part, it protects the lavish silk bed from damage.

Keep in mind

Please change the HEPA filter every 2 or 3 months.

The Goods

  • High-Power Motor
  • Strong suction
  • Easy to operate

The Cons

  • Terribly rattling while vacuuming

2. Best Handheld – Housmile Mattress UV Vacuum Cleaner


Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner
Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner

Features & Styles

  • Type: Handheld
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Dust collector capacity: 200 ml
  • Beating frequency: 6000 cycle/min
  • Suction power: 10.5 kpa
  • Hose Length: 4 ft


It would be obvious to think that due to the tiny size, handheld vacuums aren’t powerful enough.

But, really, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Housmile handheld vacuum is a true knock for a loop. As long as you stay at home, you shouldn’t be frustrated with the amount of power you need for a deep clean.

Want to see how it works right now?

Let’s get to it:

My Impression

It’s easier to use a light cleaner on the bed instead of getting the magnum vacuum out. From this scene, this super light straight suction deeply cleanup not only mites but will take care of dust, dander, and all sorts of bacteria.

How does Housmile cleaner kill germs?

Million-dollar question…..

With the exclusive technology, Housmile vacuum is redefined to emit powerful UV light beams.
Wondering why am I suddenly talking about UV light?

Well, you should know the UV light plays a crucial role in killing the germs which are hidden in your mattress. Besides this, these tool features a vibrating motor, which rotates at such speeds that displace the bacteria and germs in the mattress easily.

3 Features you’ll Love

  • U-PowerBrush: Double-Rolling BrushHard Brush is super impressive. 6000cycle/min is more than enough to tackle for cleaning dust mites thoroughly.
  • UV Tube Sterilization light: 253.7nm light can dramatically change the outer cell structure as well as penetrate the DNA molecule. These cause bed bugs, microorganisms to die.
  • Touch Sensor: When a vacuum penetrates 4inches from the surface, the smart rotatory brush will shut down automatically.

Keep in mind

Fully charge the battery before using because 30% of power for safety reason while shipping.

The Goods

  • Super lightweight.
  • High Rotating Frequency.
  • Effectively Clean Up.

The Cons

  • Only good for picking tiny particles not crumbs

3. Best For Multi-Purpose Use – Ivation 1800W Canister Steam Cleaner


Ivation 1800W Canister Steam Cleaner
Ivation 1800W Canister Steam Cleaner

Feature & Style

  • Type: Canister
  • Temperature: 338°F Max
  • Working Pressure: 29-65 psl
  • Water tank capacity: 1.8 liter
  • Power consumption: 1800 watt
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Warm-up time: 7 minutes
  • Cord length: 16.4 feet
  • Voltage: 120 volt


Dust mites!!!! Oh, A nightmare!

What should I say?

These tiny creatures can make your life miserable if it starts to live in your bed. Even though you change your bed sheet regularly, you can’t get rid of them easily.

Only a cleaner with a double-layered micro filter bag can save your life. Ivation 1800W vacuum is our personal favorite when it comes to deal with dust mite and allergens.

My Impression

Say goodbye to the hefty machines.

The Canister Steam Cleaner from Ivation is a time-consuming refill for you. The high-capacity canister holds decent (4 Pint).

Nothing less than amazing!

Not only for bed or mattress, its Rugged, smooth-rolling wheels also work great for gliding across the carpet, laminate, hardwood floors, and engineered flooring.

And you know what?

These vacuum designed for safety. Since steaming sanitizes by zero chemicals, you have the confidence that your family and pets are safe.

That’s not all…..

The ETL-listed tank is equipped with protection features like pressure switch and cut-off fuse.

3 Features you’ll Love

  • 14-Piece Accessories Pack: Hard to believe, but this vacuum comes with 14-Piece Accessories. This stuff has everything to meet all your cleaning needs.
  • Effortless Fill-Up and Operation: A cap on the top of the cleaner makes it super convenient to fill. Remove and replenish water without spillage.
  • Flexible swiveling steam hose: The 4.75 Feet long steamer to gun gives plenty of room to reach every corner of your house.

Keep in mind

In the package, you will find 2 Extension Tubes. All you need to do is connect together to enjoy a wide range of movement.

The Goods

  • A child-proof fill cap
  • Built-In Pressure Monitoring
  • Powerful Performance

The Cons

  • Take too much time to heat up

4. Best Lightweight – SOWTECH 6 in 1 Cyclonic Suction Handheld Vacuum


Sowtech Cordless Vacuum
Sowtech Cordless Vacuum

Feature & Style

  • Color: Red
  • Type: cordless
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Frequency: 4000mAh
  • Weight: 3.33 pounds


Cordlessness is the future.

Admit it!

Convenient, maneuverable, and safer than typical bulky mainstream forebears, a cordless vacuum is humanity’s smartest solution for removing mites and bugs from your bed.

It’s not science fiction anymore!

This Sowtech cordless vacuum is a next-generation lightest cleaner, without winding troubles. This lightweight hand vacuum is the best gift for those who are struggling to get rid of those tiny little bed bugs.

My Impression

True pro-cyclonic suction, this cleaner gives traps daily paper debris, fur, and mites. Apart from this, 5th stage filtration sucks up more than 99% of the garbage, allow you to take the clean air every day.

Such a little gem, good value for the money!

The charge lasts long enough for a deep cleaning for your mattress and bed, can easily perform 40 to 45 minutes.

Let me say this straight:

If you are looking for a powerful suction without caring about battery life, this stuff is not the best choice.

3 Features you’ll Love

  • 6 Attachments: Rechargeable battery allows running for multiple rooms and studio departments. Six of the accessories will meet the cleaning requirements.
  • Stainless Steel Filter: The Filter is made of washable material, Stainless Steel Filter. That means no tension to replace. More durable than the HEPA filter!
  • No Noise Pollution: Below 75dB noise reduction technology, you can use it at any time. Very friendly to noise-sensitive people.

Keep in mind

Fully charge the battery before first use. Most importantly, ensure that you have turned the cleaner off each time you put them in charge.

The Goods

  • Persistent Operation
  • More environmental
  • Life-long Use

The Cons

  • Not so powerful enough for thick fabrics

5. Best For Dual Action – Tineco Pure ONE Cordless Stick Vacuum


Tineco A12 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Tineco A12 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Feature & Style

  • Type: Cordless
  • Suction power: 150 watt
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Detachable Li-ion Batteries: 2pcs 2500mAh
  • Runtime: Up to 100 minutes


Clean your bed and mattress with ease, save time, and give that energy on the people you love most. Yes, this cordless vacuum from Tineco is going to give you an advanced cleaning experience.

What does this mean for you?

Connecting to Tineco App, you can monitor and keep track of your cleaning report and performance. That’s not all; it works as reminders and features troubleshooting and support issues.

My Impression

The thing that impresses me most is the Smart Battery Management of this vacuum. Ensure by two detachable li-ion batteries; this cleaner ensures extended run time up to 100 mins. Not only the bed, but you can also take care of whole house cleaning with this stuff easily.

No pressure there!

PURE S12 PLUS has various accessories to meet your floor to ceiling washing needs. Upgraded
accessories make your life easier and more convenient.

Tineco exclusive filter is a self-cleaning gadget that helps to clean the filter instantly, offer uninterrupted cleaning experience.

3 Features you’ll Love

  • Smart Noise Optimization: Tineco PLUS vacuum noise keeps its nose below 71dB (A). That means you can clean even when your baby is sleeping.
  • All-in-one LED display: the amazing display shows complete working status so that you can track and monitor everything at a glance.
  • Easy Recharge: Dual charging wall mount makes it convenient for battery charging, the two detachable batteries extended runtime to 100 mins.

Keep in mind

For picking up better, we recommend to run the machine at higher power and get everything picked up easily.

The Goods

  • Upgraded Attachment
  • Two Power Brushes
  • iLoop Dust Sensor

The Cons

  • A little heavier

What Are The Bed Bugs? Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Not so familiar with bed bugs?

Well, Bed bug’s scientific name is Cimex lectularius. They solely survive on the blood of mammals and insects. It is quite thin and can be up to five millimeters long when fully grown. Bed bugs can hide anywhere in the house from light switches on the wall to underneath peeling paint.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read The Origin and history of bed bugs suggest the bed bugs have preyed on humans for at least 3,500 years. Archaeological evidence tells us that bed bugs have fed on humans for even more than 3500 years because fossilized bed bugs have been found at dig sites.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

But bed bugs may have been plaguing us for much longer than that. By researching the mitochondrial markers in bed bug growth, it has been found out that they hail from the caves in the Middle East. So the first humans that bed bugs ever chewed on were probably cave-dwellers.

How Do Bed Bugs Harm The Human Body?

When it comes to bed bugs, a lot of the damage that they can cause is going to be more so mental. But other than that, their adverse effect on the body is going to range from sores, itchiness, redness to even bumps.

But the worst thing about bedbugs bite is that you what they do is they inject a mild anesthetic.

It numbs that area. So when they feed on your blood, it doesn’t wake you. So you can develop blisters in the area where they’ve bitten you. Another downside to the bed bug bites is that they don’t always appear immediately. So when they inject that mild anesthetic into your system that causes a mild allergic reaction in people.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs Infestation?

Learn how to identify them

You have to learn to identify the bedbugs and also the eggs as well. It will prevent them from getting hatched with bed bugs eggs. It’s very easy to overlook an early infestation if you don’t know what to look for. So you should be looking not just for bugs but also for their silvery white eggs as well.

Inspect the room

Hotel rooms are great places for bedbugs to hide. So before you commit to staying in it, make sure to check it properly. You can check around to see whether there is an infestation of bedbugs. Also, check the sheets by pulling them back. You can also look at the edging of the mattress on the sides of the mattress. But since bedbugs do not live only in beds, you’ll also want to look around the room. you do find something immediately tells the hotel and ask for a different place and then check that one too of course

Isolate your luggage

You should always keep your bag, your clothing in your suitcase instead of the drawers in the hotel room. After you return from a trip, you should take your suitcase and place it in a large clear bag plastic bag. Then put your clothing directly into another plastic bag to wash and dry everything on hot steam

Vacuum it

Your suitcase should be vacuumed thoroughly with the upholstery brush and a crevice tool. It will help to get deep into the seams. So once the briefcase has been vacuumed, you may want to spray that suitcase with isopropyl alcohol. It is just to make sure there are no traces of bed bugs in it. Also, it should be done outside, like a garage or outdoors.

Why Should You Use A Special Vacuum To Remove Bed Bugs?

Vacuums greatly can help reduce the number of bed bugs anywhere. They are very useful for cleaning places where there is a large number of bed bugs that have infested. Having a special Vacuum to remove bed bugs will help capture and eradicate bed bugs much faster and easier than any other method.

So how to get rid of bed bugs?

There are lots of ways where you can do it, but getting a specialized vacuum that can make your life significantly easier. Here are some of the reasons to use a special vacuum to remove bed bugs

  • Vacuums do an excellent job at eradicating bed bugs as which are the hardest to clean
  • A vacuum can clean large infested of bed bugs much efficiently
  • It is far more cost-effective than going for bed bug vacuum rental
  • A vacuum will make the whole process much easier

What Are the Best Ways to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

The Best Way To Vacuum For Bed Bugs

Use a crevice tool

Bed bugs usually attach themselves to the fabric and like to hide in cracks and crevices. Also, their eggs are notoriously hard to remove as well. So you need to use the crevice tool attached to the vacuum to clean those areas properly. Set the suction power to the maximum as it will help you much.

Avoid flicking the bed bugs

As you can see, fabrics are on the most common places to find bed bugs; you might get tempted to press the vacuum too hard against the fabric. But it is recommended that you should avoid doing it. Not pressing too hard on the fabrics will help you not to flick the eggs of the begs bugs.

Clean the vacuum trash

Once you are done with vacuuming the bed bugs, get the vacuum bag, and simply get rid of it. It should ideally be sealed and put inside a plastic bag. If you are vacuuming bed bugs with a bagless vacuum, you can first get the trash into a bag then get rid of it.

Repeatedly vacuum a previously infected area

Bed bugs don’t forget to return to areas they have laid their eggs before. So if you do have an area that was full of bed bugs, don’t forget to vacuum that area again. It can be a great help to prevent the bed bugs growing in big numbers in your home.

How to Vacuum Properly To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Do you think just getting the vacuums for bed bugs will get rid of all your mental and physical stress? Whatever you are going through due to bed bugs, simply buying a vacuum cleaner is just half of the job. The rest of the task only begins then. So what are the best practices for vacuuming properly to get rid of bed bugs? Here they are!

  • Remove bedding and vacuum the mattress and box springs thoroughly.
  • Vacuum everything in the bed including the Tufts and seams.
  • vacuum all upholstered furniture including the cushions.
  • Properly check under the seams of the cushions for eggs and infested area.
  • Check under the furniture vacuum in and around the nightstand.
  • Clean everything, including inside the drawers and drawers bases.

How to get rid of bed bugs from bed mattress? Is it recommended to vacuum a mattress to kill bed bugs?

Yes absolutely!

You can and should use vacuum cleaners to get rid of bed bugs from the mattress. Mattress tends to have quite a lot of places like seams and foams that makes it one of the best places for the bed bugs infest. So if you do use a vacuum to kill bed bugs, you can get rid of the bed bugs much quickly.

Otherwise, if you try to manually clean bed bugs instead of using a vacuum cleaner, it will take you ages to locate all those eggs the bugs have left in your mattress.

Wait, there’s more…..

You can actually locate and clean the adult bed bugs, but cleaning the eggs from the mattress is simply a mammoth task. But if you just use a vacuum, all you need to do is get the crevice tool to suck out all the eggs from its seams.

Is There Any Permanent Solution For Bed Bugs?

It will require you significant work to get rid of the bed bugs permanently. But it is just not possible to locate all the bed bugs in your home, and neither can you clean all the eggs they have left in the most obscure corners of your house.

But here are some steps you can make sure other than vacuuming to make sure the bed bugs don’t return.

  • Clear all of your clothes with hot water.
  • Steam clean the carpet and the windows.
  • Spot treat all surfaces with bed bug spray.
  • Can bed bugs live in a vacuum cleaner? Yes! That is why you need to clean your vacuum hose with soap water.

What to consider while buying a Vacuum For Bed Bug?

Make sure it has strong suction

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and cleaning out those eggs are going to be very difficult if the vacuum does not have strong suction. So whenever you are getting a vacuum specifically for bed bugs, get the strongest suction you can afford.

Should reach tight corners easily

Bed bugs are most likely to infest in the corner. So pick a vacuum that is easy to move and made for cleaning specifically under furniture on stairs. It should get into tight corners fitting, including under furniture and stairs.

HEPA filter

If your house is infested with lots of bed bugs, having a vacuum with HEPA filter is a great option. They’re proven to remove at least 99.97% of harmful particulates from the air. So other than filtering out the bed bugs, it might end up recirculating some of the mold dust and dander. HEPA filtered vacuum traps nearly all of it the dirt and bed bugs as well.

Consider the accessories

Do check all the accessories that your vacuums come with. There should be standard dusting brushes. But most importantly, it should come with a crevice tool.

Do check whether there are attachments to do cleaning curtains and other upholstery as well. Because when vacuuming for the bed bugs, you will certainly need them.


Q. Can bed bugs live in a vacuum cleaner?

Answer: Are you wondering whether bed bugs can crawl out of vacuums? Well yes, Bed bugs can actually do this as they can even survive the hose of the vacuum and crawl out of it. So do clean out the vacuum and keep it somewhere in the garage.

Q. What kills bed bugs fast?

Answer: Heat happens to work best when it comes to killing the bed bugs fastest way possible.

Q. Do bed bugs get worse after treatment?

Answer: You can expect them to die away eventually. But you should expect to see lots of bugs after you have done a treatment because it doesn’t work the way you are expecting. You can not expect all bed bugs to vanish overnight. So it will take time, and it does get quite worse for some time.

Q. Is it possible to vacuum after bed bug treatment?

Answer: Are you wondering can I vacuum after bed bug treatment? The answer is, Yes, you can. But you need to wait for a while as you don’t want to vacuum away. The residues on the carpet and beds work even after weeks to kill the bed bugs.

Q. Can bed bugs survive the washing machine?

Answer: Not very likely, the heat of the washing machine is a great way to kill the bed bugs in your clothes.

Q. Can bed bugs get in your hair?

Answer: It is not very usual to find bed bugs in your hair. But if you do live somewhere with a lot of bed bugs infestation, it is possible.

Q. How to get rid of bed bugs home remedy?

Answer: Fortunately, there are more than a dozen useful home remedies for treating bed bugs. Besides vacuum, washing bed-sheets, steam cleaning, rubbing alcohol, baking soda can help you out there. The best part, you can easily find them in the home.

The Bottom Line…..

The tiny creature’s bed bugs feed on the flakes of skin, and they thrive in warm environments. So we can say, bed and mattress is their favorite place to live.

That’s quite alarming!

A good vacuum cleaner can be a game-changer for people who suffer from allergies. But the problem arises when your vacuum spread more dust than it picks up, you could be actually doing more mistreat than any good.

Out of these 5 best vacuums for bed bugs, which one is our favorite?

Here is the shortlist:

You have already gone through the article and boom; you are really on the ball.

Cut to the chase and grab one.

Good luck ya’ll, chao!

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