The 7 Best Vitamix Blender In 2021 [Top Picks & Guide]

Vitamix blenders are maybe the only segment that got that much recognition among restaurant owners and families. Due to the high price tag, many middle budget pickers are still confused about trying this brand, which is natural.

As a kitchen master, a blender is one of a few gigs that you have to deal with very often. So, there should not any performance compromise. Besides, you don’t want to spend every six months buying a blender, right?

Therefore, we thought of sharing our forensics on the seven best Vitamix blender reviews. In this review, we will discuss why Vitamix blenders deserve your attention no matter what your budget is. Let’s dive into the solution that you are looking for.

Top Vitamix Blender Models in 2021 According To Consumer Reviews.

7 Best Vitamix Blenders Reviews

In today’s blender review, we are going to sort it based on some aspects like smart features, professional-grade performance, durability, blade quality, and controls. Hopefully, that will help you to reach your decision without any hesitation.

1. Best OverallVitamix 750 Professional Grade Blender

For the kitchen masters, who want to blend like a pro, the 750 is the perfect kind. The professional-grade blender is the perfect gig if you have a vast number of crowds to serve.

With its variable speed alongside the pulse control, you can adjust scenes following your recipes. Besides, it’s a significant advantage when you want to get different textures of blending results.

There are also distinguished program settings, which makes blending experience more convenient and consistent.

You are going to have a hassle-free experience also in case of cleaning. What you need to do is just pour some warm water and soup. The machine itself will settle the rest of the cleaning. As a result, you don’t have to mess around with disassembling parts.

Without the highly performing 12 amp of motors and precision container designs, there are stainless steel made blades in the blender. The high-impact blades ensure thorough blending and friction heating at the same time. So, how are you going to rate this pro blender?

Things I like most

  • Built to last longer
  • No hassle to clean
  • Powerful motor
  • Versatile control support
  • Low profile design

What could be better?

  • A bit weighty
  • Creates massive noise

2. Best for PrecisionVitamix Black 7500 Blender

If you want to save a petite more on your investment, try Vitamix 7500, another version of the first one. However, the maximum of the features and the durability measures are the same in this case.

Instead of 5 program settings, here, you can enjoy ten variable speed settings. Hence, you are going to have more control over the texture of the blending ingredients. For instance, you can blend smoothies, soup, and many more diverse family meals with this blender.

As it has a low-profile design sense, you can correctly set up the blender under any size of cabinets.

We became a fan of those aircraft-grade blades that are made of stainless steel. These are equally durable and impactful. Therefore, you can mesh any ingredient you want to, just name it.

Lastly, this Vitamix blender is also coming in with self-cleaning support and only takes up to 60 seconds to do with the process. It could be the best deal-breaker since you are getting all the pros at a comparably affordable rate.

Things I like most

  • Comparably less pricy
  • 6 feet of long cord for better reach
  • Supported with a self-cleaning feature
  • Quality materials for ensuring better lasting
  • Monster motor

What could be better?

  • The container might get blurred after a specific time
  • Still, no one likes a loud machine

3. Best Compact – Vitamix Standard Programs Blender

Vitamix is one of a few brands in the industry that cares about what their customers say. As many people appealed for this standard blender, the company has decided to reintroduce it again.

Notably, this one is renewed but tested by both experts and sellers many times. Hence, you can be sure of excellence. In our experience, a renewed product could be a good deal since the price seems to be lower.

Three preset program settings are set up for consistent and appropriate blending experience. So, you can deal with frozen fruits to smoothies and all. On the other hand, this professional blender is also built with ten versatile variable control settings for precision blending support.

Sufficient container size is always essential to determine the amount of workload a blender is capable of. For the more prominent family serve, its 64 ounces of the container seems to be quite supportive. More specifically, it is the perfect candidate for mid to large batch of blending.

We also want to emphasize getting this blender because of the blades. The blades take less time to generate friction heat inside the container. Make sure to bring on your queries in the comment section.

Things I like most

  • Replacement assurance added by the seller
  • All the controls seemed to be very helpful for effective blending
  • Easy to clean
  • Price-efficient offer
  • High-quality engineering and quality tested

What could be better?

  • Some scratch may found in the unit

4. Best For Budget – Vitamix 5300 Professional-Grade Blender

To deliver you the best budget blender, we have brought another renewed Vitamix blender. Get all the blending jobs done with this beast-like powerful blender. You don’t have to concern about the quality and durability since it is backed by 90 days of replacement guarantee.

The combination of pulse and variable speed control made this blender one of the suitable picks among the list. Whether you want it for your restaurant or home, this candidate performs like a charm.

From heartier recipes to tough ones, this 5300 professional-grade blender can blend anything effectively. And to make this possible, the blender is equipped with a 2.2 HP motor. On the contrary, there are hardened blades to deliver the blending result faster than usual.

Like always, Vitamix added this blender with a self-cleaning facility. Neither you need to disassemble nor use extra efforts to clean. The classic blender is offered with 64 ounces of low-profile blending jar, a guide to getting started.

Things I like most

  • An efficient choice for a lower price
  • Both for professional and regular uses
  • Quite a powerful motor
  • 80% battery capacity
  • Backed by 90 days of guarantee

What could be better?

  • Refurbished model
  • Weighty to maneuver

5. Best SplurgeVitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Having this ultra-powerful blending machine means you have complete control. You can enjoy your blending experience more than before with the variable speed controller. Nonetheless, there is a pulse control as well for manual blending needs.

It is needless to say that the truly unique feature of this Vitamix blender is the wireless technology. The feature itself makes this blender a perfect match for smart kitchen owners. You will be stunned to experience how relaxed it is to adjust the time in accordance with the container you are using.

More specifically, there are both iOS and Android app that consisted of 17 programs that ensure immense satisfaction of automatic blending. You will find the digital timer also helpful in deciding when to stop the operation.

On the other hand, the 12 amps of a motor made this A2300 smart blender most power contender from the Vitamix lineups. Besides, the motor power takes less time to deliver results because of the low-profile container.

We found this blender perfect if excluding the comparably smaller cord size, although the 4 feet cord would be enough in maximum scenes.

Things I like most

  • Automatic blending mechanism
  • App control feature
  • Maximum control for speed
  • Highly powerful motor

What could be better?

  • There is still criticism left about the app bugs
  • Makes loud noise when operating

6. Best For Low Noise – Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Quite One Blender

As the name said, this Vitamix blender is for the people who can’t take the heavy noise of typical blending machines. Thanks to the Vibration Dampening Technology for making the environment sound without compromising the power.

Like always, this Vitamix blender is also coming in with versatile control settings up to six. Not only that but also, 34 programs are completely optimized for both personal and professional requirements. Besides, you will get the chance to play with 93 variable control speeds. Yes, 93!

When it comes to usability, the blender is quite handy, and especially the pouring process seems to be quite straightforward. A big thump-up goes to the black cover design, which is entirely magnetically secured. It is, in any sense, a great advantage and reduces cleaning time significantly.

With all the necessary equipment, this blender is suitable for every restaurant that is going massive rush. Another reason it is a win-win game is the 15-amp of the extremely backup motor. In short, you are getting more power, more control, less hassle.

Things I like most

  • Extensive control settings
  • Innovative noise optimizing technology
  • No hassle to clean
  • Low-profile design

What could be better?

  • That much control might create confusion to first-timer
  • Very costly option to grab

7. Best Tech – Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

If you are a big admirer of smart devices, then the A3300 is the perfect suit for your kitchen. Among them all, only this Vitamix blender is coming in with a built-in touch screen interface with complete control support.

With 17 programs that can be controlled via an app, this smart blender makes the using process more manageable as well. Also, there are variable speed controls and manual pulse control available.

Via the system settings, you can also set the timer according to your need and different recipes to determine when to shut off the machine. So, there is no chance of under or over-processing issues, and you won’t get any unnecessary utility bills.

Lastly, this Vitamix blender design is also followed by a low-profile design. It is super easy to clean and set up, but make sure to be careful when hovering on the touchscreen. So, what is your rating about the last Vitamix?

Things I like most

  • Ingenious technology
  • Built-in presets for speed
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • Satisfying blending power
  • Good value for the price

What could be better?

  • Too much loud when operating
  • Touch screen display might get scratches after a while

Vitamix Blender Reviews

Buying Guide – What to Consider While Choosing A Vitamix Blender?

Many kitchen experts appreciate Vitamix as one of the best and reliable brands. But even getting something from a well-recognized brand requires some tricks to follow. Let’s find out the tips you should follow before getting your next Vitamix blender.


As there are a vast number of lines in the Vitamix blender family, you can find any sort of blender you need. For instance, you can pick from smart, quiet, low-profile, professional-grade, personal blender and many more.

Smart and professional-grade Vitamix blenders are a bit high in price but come with a complete package of specs that any kitchen expert needs. On the contrary, blenders that categorized as entirely are suitable for people who don’t like heavy blending noise.

The good thing is most of the Vitamix blenders are low-profile in the design aspect. Therefore, you can easily adjust your blender under the kitchen cabinet. 

Motor Power

Since the motor is the backbone of the blending power you can achieve, it is essential to consider this seriously. Fortunately, many of the Vitamix blenders are equipped with quite a powerful motor. Usually, the power range is between 12 amps to 15 amps, which is enough to tackle professional to household blending needs.


In the case of the blade, a keen eye of observation is also required. A set of the hardened blade is always an excellent choice to have if these are made of stainless steel. It is because these tend to last years. Besides, the crushing results are always adequate. As far as our investigations, the maximum of the Vitamix blenders is coming in with aircraft-grade stainless steel quality. Therefore, you don’t have to worry. But think about how many blades or blade’s face you want to have. Remember, the more blades you have, the faster you will get the result.


The good news is in Vitamix blenders; you get immense number control settings to optimize blending speed depending on your recipes or ingredients. You can get some blenders where there are around 17 presets speed settings for different recipes.

Moreover, there are some Vitamix, also with a pulse and a different variable speed controller. Some of them are also coming in with a touch display. Remember, if it is to serve your family only, there you might not need that much fancy setting. More features are going to cost you more. So, choose according to your budget.


How much easy it is to clean the blender after use, is also a matter to think about. Is it less time consuming to clean, or is it dish-washable? That is all you need to identify initially before getting a Vitamix blender since regular maintenance is the task that you have to deal with after every use.


Q: Are Vitamix blenders worth it?

Answer: Obviously, yes, Vitamix blenders are not only known for premium-priced blender. Comparably, these high pricy blenders are market-leading in case of performance, quality, and durability.

Q: How do I choose a Vitamix?

Answer: To get the perfect Vitamix candidate, you should know your requirements first. For example, you should know first, how often, and what type of recipes you are going to blend mostly. Based on that assumption, you can pick motor power, control settings, blade face, and all. If you want to get a whole clue, please check out our buying guide to get the best Vitamix blender above.

Q: Which Vitamix blender is the quietest?

Answer: Without any doubt, Vitamix 750 deserves the title. According to our forensics, it can minimize blending noise by up to 40%. So, you can get a all-inclusive blending experience.

Q: What is the best blender 2020?

Answer: The selection list is distinguished based on different features and performance. If you are searching for a smart blender, then the best one should be the Vitamix A3300 smart series. On the other hand, for professional-grade, Vitamix 5300 is our preference for 2020.

Q: What is better, Vitamix, or Ninja?

Answer: There is no doubt Vitamix blenders are better than Ninja. The only issue is the high rate code, which made this brand suitable for premium or professional users. If you have budget concerns, still, Ninja blenders are quite appreciable.

Final Verdict

Yes, it took a bit of time to read this complete Vitamix blender forensic result. But don’t you think, it’s completely worth your time. As Vitamix blenders are pricier and have a vast list of titles, you might get confused. But now, there is nil to worry about.

We are quite hopeful; the above seven best Vitamix blender review is going to solve a lot of your concern. And also, this is going to help you to pick the right blender that matches all of your needs.

Now, we are waiting to get your feedback after using yours. Make sure to let us know. Till then, enjoy your new kitchen company. Take care.

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