How to Clean Vinyl Floors – Secrets Tips You Should Know.

Do you want your floor to look clean and give it an easy-wash? Please don’t waste your time
and try a clean vinyl flooring method to keep them clean.

Trust me, it’s way more effective than the other typical floor cleaning methods. It’s cheaper
at a price; keeps your floor tiles shiny for a long time. But you should know how to do it to
give your house a clean look properly.

Let’s start knowing about vinyl cleaning, steps to follow, benefits of such a cleaning method,
and other queries.

What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

It’s a temporary or artificial flooring ( some people call it flooring mat) made of PVC ( Poly
Vinyl Chloride). Many people prefer to use this flooring to give their house a fresh look.

If your home tiles are looking old and pale, you may try it. You don’t need to hire anyone for
the vinyl plank flooring installation; you can do it. You need to know how to take care of this

Moreover, the vinyl plank flooring is easy to clean; you should try this one if you want an
easy-clean floor layer.

What are the Benefits of Vinyl Plank Floors?

Here are some of the benefits of vinyl plank floors:

  • You can get plank floors in the market; they are available in different hard wooden looks.
  • Vinyl plank floors are not costly to buy and clean; you can choose floorings in your budget.
  • Its glues are strong and stick hard with the floors perfectly; the glues are long-lasting. Multiple washes don’t hamper the vinyl flooring’s glues.
  • The best thing about plank floors are, you can put any furniture on them. The furniture weight won’t damage the floorings, but don’t buy furniture with sharp legs and wheels.

Though this flooring has some disadvantages as well, they are famous for the advantages listed above

Why do You Need to Take Special Care on LVP Flooring?

The answer is straightforward; the LVP flooring is a delicate layer and needs much care. If
you don’t deal with it softly, it will get scratches and stains. Avoid steams and heat, though
it’s waterproof.

If you have kids or multiple pets at home, you should keep your luxury vinyl floor cleaner.
You can have pets while using LVP flooring, but be careful, and you have to spend more
time cleaning your house, maybe twice or thrice a day.

You should take more special care when you’ve just installed the floorings because it takes
time to set with the main floor. Try to even walk less on a new LVP floor mat, set some caps
on the furniture’s legs.

How to Clean and Care for Vinyl Floors? Stepwise Guidelines

When you decorate your floors or renovate it, you want it to be long-lasting. There are some
steps you need to follow and some caring methods for your vinyl floors.

Let’s get introduced to the vinyl floor’s cleaning method first; the steps are:

  • In the first step, target the dirt and dry particles on the vinyl floor; take a broom or dry mop to clean the dirt all over the floor.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the vinyl floor and keep the air pressure lower.
  • After you’ve removed the dirt, you may take some water in a bucket and sweep the floor with plain water and mop. If you’re regularly cleaning your floor and don’t have any stains, you may use only cold water.
  • If there are stains or you couldn’t clean the floor for a long time, you can add some cleanser (vinegar, baby oil, washing soap etc.) to the water and prepare a cleaning mixture.
  • Don’t use any chemical cleanser on it without knowing; always use a dilute solution. Vinegar is more appropriate for this purpose. You can use a little cider vinegar to clean vinyl flooring.

Vinegar has a low acidic value; it’s a light solution of ethanoic acid. It gently cleans the dirt and stains without harming the vinyl.

  • You can use a light chloride solution on your vinyl floors if your flooring manufacturer allows you to use it. Never use an ammonia solution on your VP floors.
  • If there’s a dark stain, you should use a soft nylon cloth or brush along with the rubbing alcohol/ baking soda/ jojoba oil. Please don’t use hard and sharp metals on vinyl; otherwise, it will get scratches.
  • Don’t pour too much water on the flooring because it’s a thin layer, and it will be unusable if it soaks excessive water.
  • Keep rinsing the floor while cleaning; rinsing will prevent the excessive soaking of water.

Some Suitable Cleanser for Vinyl Floor

  • WD-40 Spray ( if you don’t have vinegar, you may use it with a towel on scuffs).
  • Rubbing Alcohol ( if the stain is hard and from cosmetics or ink; clean with water and vinegar after using alcohol).
  • Hair Shampoo ( you can use this instead of soap).
  • Baking Soda and Jojoba oil ( use them to remove food stains of juice, sauce etc.).
  • Dish Soap ( once you’ve removed the stains with baking soda, mix it with water for cleaning).

Now, let’s know some methods to take care of the vinyl floors. You need to take care of some
specific things to make your vinyl floor long-lasting.

  • You can use doormats at the main gates of your house so that dust doesn’t come with your shoes. The less dust comes, the less effort you have to put for cleaning.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed in dry weather; otherwise, dust will sneak into your house.
  • Clean the stain with water immediately so that it doesn’t harden. The older the stains get, the harder it becomes to remove.
  • Repair the scratches as soon as possible; otherwise, the crack will develop and damage.

The Bottom Line

You can choose a vinyl floor according to your choice but consider which one will be
suitable for you. If you want, you can use the vinyl flooring in your full house or renovate
your kitchen or bathroom only.

Follow each step of clean vinyl flooring and note every point mentioned as curing
methods. Moreover, you can ask for an expert’s recommendations to maintain your

Use floorings, cleaners, and other equipment from renowned brands to avoid any
unwanted incident.

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