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Wondering why your old faithful vacuum doesn’t pick up dirt like before? Or perhaps can’t satisfy you with deep cleaning? You may asking friends or searching on internet to know actually how long should a vacuum cleaner last for.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re afraid that probably it has just jumped into its conclusion, and perhaps it’s time for a brand new one. The simple truth is, it’s just a vacuum machine and doesn’t last forever.

But still confused about how long do vacuum cleaner last?

Let me say this straight; there is no magical number of vacuum life expectancy. It may vary for different reasons. Keep reading, and you’ll find out how long should a vacuum cleaner last normally and what to consider before throwing it as trash.

How Long Do Vacuum Cleaner Last?

Surely, you had spent a tremendous reliable relationship with your vacuum cleaner.

You bet it is!

So before jumping into the conclusion, make sure it’s old enough to throw away. Well, it’s a puzzling question to answer. But as we mentioned, unfortunately, there is no exact number.

Fair enough, but it may vary for various reasons. Most importantly, brands play a vital role here. In fact, each brand is different. Another one is the types of vacuum. So its quite clear that you have to consider some main factors when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Let’s sort it smartly:

  1. Understand the brand according to their lifespan
  2. Types of Vacuums and Their Lifespan

Understand the Brand and Its Lifespan

So let’s take a closer look at understanding the brand difference in the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner.


When it comes to sorting out a reliable vacuum brand, Dyson comes first. They gain the reputation that Dyson never compromise about quality.

The result?

Long-lasting performance of their vacuum! So how long does a Dyson vacuum cleaner last?

I bet the average lifespan of Dyson vacuum will surely surprise you. If you use and maintain the machine properly, it will extend up to ten years.


If you are an upright cleaner lover, then the brand is familiar to you. Most of their models are very useful against pet hair. The cool thing about this cleaner is its parts are pretty available and pocket-friendly as well.

How long do shark vacuum cleaners last?

It’s the question you secretly dread to ask, right? Well, these are quite handy even after five to seven years. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? The unpleasant truth is, you must clean shark vacuum filters accordingly for enjoying extended lifespan.


Hoover vacuums pack have the power someone needs to get dust, pet hair, and dirt out from the deepest carpet and consist of on-board tools for hard-to-reach areas.

What about Hoover vacuum cleaner lifespan?

You can expect lifespan from five to fifteen years, depending on the specific model and general use. But yes, you got to know how to maintain the machine properly.


Though the brand Miele claims that their lifespan of the vacuum cleaner can be up to 20 years, I think it’s a cheesy statement.

No doubt, miele is absolutely a well-known brand. With proper care, miele vacuums could be last for ages. But 20 years is a big deal.

Types of Vacuums and Their Lifespan

Upright Vacuum

Pretty bulky yet versatile vacuum type, the householder loved it for its deep cleaning ability. 

What about life expectancy?

An upright vacuum lasts a long time — according to consumer report, it’s near the eight-year milestone or even beyond.

Canister vacuum

Most admired vacuum for its portability, you can move it quickly.

As canister has the same suction power of an upright vacuum, the average lifespan is also quite similar. You can expect something for around eight years.

Stick vacuum

The stick vacuum is well known for its lightweight appearance. It sound’s good, but when it comes to durability, it’s actually not that impressive.

The bitter truth, I guess. If you can take good care, you may expect it gonna perform for five years.

Robot vacuum

A robotic vacuum cleaner also called a roboVac or robovac is an autonomous robotic cleaner. Undoubtedly, this intelligent programming has made our life more comfortable.

What about average life expectancy?

Well, Robot vacuums operate by battery power. That means robot vacuum will last as long as it’s battery does. We would say it may last three to five years.


People love handled vacuum because of how easily it can manage. Plus, it’s convenient and pretty lightweight.

Unfortunately, it’s not that durable enough.

Like the robot vacuum, it also runs on batteries. So when the battery is dead, you just have to change it. These vacuums will last around two to three years.

What is the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner?

Doesn’t matter which brands or what types of vacuum cleaner you won. Every single vacuum cleaner demands on you a proper care and maintenance for better longevity. On an average, vacuum cleaners can last long for about eight (08) years.

More Specifically,

  • Dyson vacuum cleaner can last long for ten (10) years.
  • Shark vacuums will looks quite handy even after Seven (07) years.
  • Some Hoover brands can extend from Five (05) to Fifteen (15) Years.
  • The lifespan of Miele vacuum cleaner can be Twenty (20) years.

This life time can be expended to x times by correct use, proper maintenance’s and clean vacuums filter accordingly.

Which vacuum cleaner lasts the longest?

No doubt, The brand miele and hoover probably the best vacuum cleaner for long lasting. usually, these two brands can last long for ten to twenty years with proper use and care. If you can choose the right model fit to your need, these models can last long for an average of fifteen years.

The other models like shark and dyson can last for five to ten years if you choose the right model and maintain it properly.

For instance, if you are disturbing with long hair or pet hair you must go with best vacuum for hair and dust.

When it’s perfect time to replace your vacuum cleaner?

How do vacuum cleaner last

Before spending a decent amount of bucks on a new vacuum cleaner, make sure it’s the right time to replace. So stop here and ask yourself these questions:

What if you could fix your existing one? Or just a replacement part makes a big difference, fixes won’t break the bank. 

If time troubleshooting solves the problem instead of replaced, why will you waste your money?

Before tossing the old one, check these things:

  • Ensure that the hoses aren’t clogged accidentally. If you find a clog, remove it in a pinch.
  • Clean the filter. Believe me or not, a clogged filter restricts the airflow and reduces the suction power to pick up dirt and dust. 
  • Make sure it gets the need clean up, probably it doesn’t function properly just because of the lacking of solid scrubbing.
  • Drive belts can also be stretched out or come off track. All you have to do is replace it.

FAQ about how long do vacuum cleaner last

1. When should you replace your vacuum?

Answer: we recommend that the belt should be changed every six months to one year. Well, This is not an exact number. It really depends on the frequency of the use of your vacuum cleaner.

2. Is it worth repairing a vacuum cleaner?

Answer: According to Consumer surveys, most vacuum cleaners aren’t actually worth fixing after five years. It’s better to replace it.

3. Are Dyson vacuums worth the price?

Answer: Dyson definitely has several cordless stick vacuums that seem to fit the description, but honestly speaking, the entire item may not be worth the expense.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to wrapping up, Before finalize your decision lets consider its features, pros and cons of every unit. In general, consider the credibility of each item, but be focused on your desired model, brands and type.

Keep in mind, like all other products a vacuum cleaner also has a expiry date. Proper use and daily maintanance is the only key to extend the life time of your favourite vac.

It’s will be a great if you choose a vac machine which has replaceable parts available in market and easy to use. So that you can save some bucks by replacing some parts instead of throwing the entire machine.

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