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Do you know an average person encounters millions of different germs every day?

Think about this for a moment!!!

To make matters worse, dozens of tiny microbes floating around your house constantly. That’s why vacuum regularly is so important.

Let me take a wild guess; you are a lazy couch person who hates household chores but obsesses on germaphobes. And wondering how often should you vacuum?

Let’s not forget, regular cleaning is not only for a clean house, but also it has a huge impact on your physical, psychological, and social peace.

 Bear with me, because I’m going to show you how crucial it is and how often you should do it.

Stay along!

How Often Should You Vacuum your Home?

It’s the question you secretly dread, how often should you vacuum your floors, right?

Well, generally you have to vacuum at least once every week to keep your house not looking like a mess. This frequency might go up like twice to thrice in a week, all depending on how dirty your house gets over a certain period of time.

The more foot traffic a space gets, the more frequent you should vacuum it. If you have pets the the floor easily become littered with pet hair and dander.

However, if your home usually is always having some people or has kids and pets, then regular vacuuming might be a good idea or you can do it every other day. If possible, It’s important to vacuum your staircase regularly with a specialized cleaning tool or using the best vacuum for stairs. As different types of vacuum cleaners offering different cleaning options.

What about the hardwood floors?

How often should you vacuum hardwood floors?

Well, having a hardwood floor can be considered somewhat of a blessing since you do not have to vacuum it often.


The reason behind this is the hardwood floor does not hold a lot of dust like the carpet and rugs. So if you are not cleaning for a few days, it will be fine. But ideally, you should be vacuuming the hardwood floors every two or three days.

As I said, Canister vacuums are way more effective on hard floors. While digging out users’ reviews, I found the Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum is a perfect machine for users who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma & allergies.

How often should you vacuum laminate floors?

You should vacuum laminate floors once a week. If you have some pets, kids, and allow shoes inside, then you need to vacuum it daily. To keep your laminate floor shiny and glossy you must clean your surface more often by using the best vacuum for vinyl floors, and it is perfectly OK.

I always suggest Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed at least twice a week, and more frequent in high-traffic areas.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Mattress?

We spend quite a long time on a mattress, so the cleanliness of it matters a lot to the health of our family and us.

Admit it!

As we do not know how dirty it might be in there. It is a must to vacuum your mattress once or twice every two months. Often if you have a family member who is susceptible to allergic attacks, dust in the mattress can make it even worse.

So, in that case, how often should you vacuum your mattress?

Well, then you should vacuum your mattress at least once a month. Also, do not miss vacuuming mattresses whenever you are doing the seasonal cleaning like spring cleaning.

How often should you mop your floor?

It depends on various things like how many kids or pets you have at your home. For most people mopping once a week works just fine.

But how often should you mop your floor when you have so many things happening like guests coming over or a house party?

Well, in that case, your house may need an excellent, thorough mopping once every two or three days to keep it in a livable condition. You will get some best mops in different styles available on the market.

While researching we found VMAI Multifunctional Electric Mop win the maximum vote for its easy operation and deep cleaning capacity.

What are the Benefits of vacuuming daily?

It is perfectly OK to feel tempted to vacuum daily, and honestly, there is nothing wrong about it.

In fact, it is healthy and quite useful if you can vacuum daily. The only thing is whether you can manage to do it every day. But even if you cannot do it daily, doing it more frequently will keep the house dust and allergie free and healthy for quite a long time.

But more importantly:

The benefits of daily vacuuming is that the allergens will not be in the air, and the rug and carpet at home will be not getting full of hidden dust. So vacuuming every day will feel way better to live and able to give your family a cleaner and fresh environment to live in.

What happens if you don’t vacuum?

Well, other than your house will look like some abandoned mess, there will be things like your house smelling like some animal firms.

Because if you don’t vacuum regularly, things like debris and also bacteria get a chance to accumulate in that contained area.

As a result of people, especially children at your home, will suffer from frequent sickness due to the increased air pollution.

more Frequently Asked questions

Question: Is it OK to vacuum every day?

Answer: It is perfectly OK to vacuum every day even though it is not that necessary. It will keep your home smelling clean and fresh all the time. But if you are going to do vacuuming every day, make sure to do it more into the areas that get dirty more frequently than some room that might not even need that much cleaning.

Question: How often should you vacuum your couch?

Answer: Depending on how much abuse your couch takes from the kids and pets, you need to keep vacuuming it once in every two or three days. You can go cleaning them even once in a month, and it’s perfectly OK, but couches tend to get dirty fast. So at least once a week if you can.

Question: How often should I vacuum my bedroom?

Answer: That will be depending on how many people live in the bedroom. If it is for just one person, vacuuming only once will get you done for the whole week. But if more than one person is living there, you might need to do it two times a week.

Question:  Should I vacuum or sweep my hardwood floors?

Answer: Other than vacuum requires less energy, vacuuming makes sure there are very few dirt and dust left in the hidden corners. Also, there is no chance of dust hanging in the air. So when it comes to the cleaning of the hardwood floors, it is way better to go for vacuuming.

Question: How often should you vacuum your car?

Answer: You should vacuum thoroughly every couple of weeks, at least once a month. When it comes to the interior part, do it twice.

Final Words

How often should you vacuum your spaces? The frequency of vacuuming or mopping will be determined how often it is indeed and the type of flooring of your home.

Carpet flooring demands more frequent vacuuming, though its millions of fibers trap dust, dirt, and many other allergens.

A quality machine can extend the life of your floor. So, It’s better to choose the perfect type of vacuum cleaner that suits the surfaces you are dealing with. For instance, upright vacuums are an ideal pick for soiled carpets.

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