How to Clean a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner (Explained Step by Step)

Cleaning your house can be a tedious task and especially backbreaking for making the floor look spotless. However, thanks to the rapid progression of science, tidying up your place of residence is easier than ever, most of the credit goes to vacuum cleaners.

Now, imagine a piece of technology that can clean the floors of your apartment without supervision. Well, get ready to see it play out in reality. The Robot Vacuums are the very personification of this exact item, with its ability to clean floors on a schedule while you go about your daily affairs unbothered.

Robot vacuums will help you to keep your place clean & comfortable by disposing of dust, pet hair and other debris. No matter how frequently it navigates your home, every robot vacuum requires periodic maintenance.

Today we will inform you regarding how to clean a Roomba vacuum cleaner to extend its product life and help it retain efficiency.

How to Empty & Clean the Dustbin of a Roomba?

A Roomba vacuum cleaner tends to be more difficult to clean than a regular one as it gathers more dirt and debris. Therefore, you’ll have to be even more thorough with the cleaning process.

Roomba’s latest models happen to come with a self-emptying feature that makes the entire cleaning and unloading process relatively easy. Start by lifting the cleaning base’s lid and then extract the dirt with a plastic bag available at the interior edge.

Put on a fresh plastic bag after dumping the old one and use the guide rails for assistance when sliding the plastic tab. After you have properly placed the tab, make sure to firmly close the lid.

There you have it! A clean and fresh dustbin ready to give you the efficiency that Roomba promises to deliver.

How to Clean a Roomba Filter?

Cleaning a vacuum filter can be a tricky and sensitive task as you run the risk of damaging the product. One wrong move and you will find yourself looking for a replacement in the hardware store.

Before you can even get to the cleaning portion of the filter, there is a specific precaution that you must be aware of. Otherwise, you might end up ruining the product. Never apply water when cleaning out the filter as it may seep into the wiring and ultimately damage the device.

Begin by pressing the tab that releases the bin and remove it effectively. Once you get the container out, get access to the filter by pressing and getting the filter door up.

Underneath, you will find a yellow tab that will help you remove the filter by grabbing it. You should notice the entire fill covered in dust and debris, tap it gently against the container to collect the trash, and then put the filter back in.

Once you’re done, the filter will be good for regular operation again.

How to Clean a Roomba Wheel?

The wheel of a Robot vacuum plays a pivotal role in its mobility. If you don’t clean it regularly, the device will start operating relatively slowly, and it will create a lot of noise in the process.

To clean this component, begin with turning the entire product over. Many alien objects tend to get stuck on the wheels, and you will have to pick them out before you start getting into it. So, have a quick inspection before you move any further.

If you find many fibers, carpet threads, or fur attached to the device, you will need to remove it effectively; otherwise, it may tamper with its efficiency. Bring the wheel up and down frequently, and you will have the excess dirt off in no time.

If you want to perform a deeper cleaning job, take a piece of cloth, and put it on a side within the frame; use the other hand to spin the wheel. With the cloth, clean the crevices of the entire frame while the wheel continues spinning.

Continue with this process 3-4 times. After completing the cleaning process, be sure to bring out the cloth carefully on par with the wheel’s motion, or else you run the risk of tearing.

How to Clean a Roomba Brush?

To begin cleaning the brush of your Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, you need to find out if the model you use has a fixed brush screw. In case it’s not there, you will have to order a new side brush from their Parts and Accessories Store.

Now that you have the side brush, begin by loosening it using a small screwdriver. Remove the brush after you loosen it appropriately.

Bring the component out and start getting rid of the dirt. You will find debris and dust stuck to the follicles of the brush as well as the post of its module.

Once you have the brush spick and span with all the debris out of it, begin reinstalling the part to the vacuum cleaner. Make sure it fits in place to function correctly again.

How to Clean the Sensor of a Roomba?

Cleaning the sensor of your Roomba vacuum is quite crucial as it is in charge of ensuring the device does not hit the walls. Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary to ensure the device doesn’t sustain damages.

Models of the sensors may look different, so make sure that you are aware of the build of the sensor of your device before you start cleaning it up. Make sure you have a melamine foam at hand which is completely clean before you get to work on the sensor.

Target the openings within the part and start wiping down on it. Make sure the excess dust on the foam comes off with every cleaning.

FAQ’s on Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Is the robot bin dishwasher safe?

No. If the bin is washable, you should rinsed by hand using warm water. Make sure you have removed the filter before rinsing it. Allow bin to air dry completely before reinstalling the filter.

How often you should empty the robot bins?

Be practical, It depends on the amount of floor surface, whether you have a pet or not, and some other factors. When the Robot’s bin is full, you will receive a notification through the iRobot’s Home app.

How long does it take for a Roomba to clean a room?

It depends on two major factors, the room size and the vacant space of the room. On an average it takes 30 minutes for a 500 square feet room.

Bottom Line

A Roomba vacuum cleaner is the epitome of efficiency when it comes to keeping your home clean. To retain the device’s effectivity, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly.

To make the most out of your cleaning routine, it’s best to rinse all the components simultaneously on a routine. Follow the procedures given above and you won’t have to worry about tending to the vacuum cleaner every day.

If you can follow these simple steps, worrying about how to clean a Roomba vacuum cleaner will be the least of your worries and you can enjoy a long-lasting, efficient device.

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