How to Clean Vacuum Filters | Secret Hacks Of Vacuums Lifespan

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Vacuuming sucks! But unfortunately, it’s a damn necessary chore. You have to know exactly how to clean vacuum filters and how often should you vacuum in order to continually work well.

Admit it.

It’s my least favorite cleaning task. Let me take a wild guess you also hate vacuuming like me. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The scenario that gets worse when its filter is dirty and it is spreading dirt around rather than sucking and cleaning it up!

Quite Disgusting, isn’t it?

We all have been there. Probably you are thinking of doing something before take to an appliance repair specialist, right?

Don’t worry. There’s a solution.

Allow me to explain how to clean vacuum filters with some pretty simple steps.

Let’s get started.

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Get Your House Even Cleaner with Super Simple Steps: How to Clean Vacuum Filters

You may wonder why we give so much importance in cleaning the filter. Let me explain.

Perhaps the filter is one of the main parts of a vacuum cleaner. If the filter of your vacuum is not clean, it has to put so much effort into absorbing and eliminate allergens as well as dirt from your home.

The result?

It reduces the suctioning capability of the cleaner over time. Which cause your vacuum cleaner become useless before the lifespan of a vacuum cleaner.

Just like pull a rabbit out of a hat!

It’s crunch time to educate yourself on the right cleaning method of vacuum filters. At the same time you should know the proper way of using a vacuum cleaner. Bear with me, because I’m going to show you the process step by step. But before you begin the process, there are a few things to ensure.

Before You Get Started

Before take-off, I just want to tell you a few things. Because we won’t leave any stone unturned, right?

  • Gather all the tools you will need to clean the filter. The good news is we don’t need lots of stuff for this. All we need is some screwdrivers to access the filter, and a bin bag to keep the extra fluff and dust into.
  • I personally prefer to do these types of a chore on a bright sunny day. So I take the filter and all the required stuff outside. The reason is the sunlight helps me to point the entire nasty corner. On the other hand, the dust will be in the grass, which means we don’t have to put extra effort into cleaning the place later.

Now you are fully ready. It’s time to Step up your game.

Step 1: Read the Manual as Bible

I know that’s what you’re thinking; it sounds silly, right?

Let’s pound the pavement.

Most vacuums come with at least one washable filter. So better check where it’s located.

If it is washable, it’s good news. Additional filters in your vacuum may not be washable, so before anything else, ensure you go through the instruction manual.

How about you?

If they’re not washable, then tap against a surface and return it to your machine. The primary purpose is just to make sure that it is washable so that you can execute the next steps.

Step 2: Unscrew the Vacuum and Remove the Filter

First and foremost, you need to get the filter. With a screwdriver, do it and remove the filter.

The only problem?

When you remove the dust, there is a good chance it will spread around in the air nearby surfaces.that’s why, preferably do it to the garage or a dumpster or even better outside, so that it can’t ruin indoors. 

Back to what I was saying…..

Tap the filter gently so that most of the insides dust falls in. I use a soft brush and continue to run it over the filter, of course, on both sides. An old toothbrush will also be ok. The purpose is to remove most of the particles of dirt that are jammed or lodged onto the filter.

Step 3: It’s Time for a Good Wash

If your vacuum filter is made of foam, plastic, or similar material which is washable, rinse it thoroughly to wash it under the sink. 

Sound’s simple, and really it is.

Don’t forget to Cross-check the instruction before you wet the filter. You don’t want to ruin it after all. If the vacuum filter is made of paper, it may be badly affected if you wash it.

Step 4: Leave It to Dry 

Who wants a dump filter!!!

Yes, if you don’t make sure it’s dry properly, it won’t do its job. Leave to dry thoroughly. Put the filter back once it is scorched.

And Remember:

  • If you can’t separate parts while replace, don’t force them! The result will be just breaking it, nothing else. Keep in mind; different vacuums parts come off in different ways.
  • If you use your vacuum daily, we suggest cleaning your filter once weekly. It is recommended that a vacuum filter be washed after 3–4 uses.
  • Don’t use soap in cleaning your vacuum filter.
  • Never put the filter on the hot surface directly to dry, never ever.

How To Clean A HEPA Filter

Before going to clean HEPA filter, have a close look to its label. If it’s not labeled as washable, you can’t wash or clean it. The reason is, HEPA filters are more likely consists of fibers. If you rinse the filter in water or using a vacuum, can definitely affect the mesh of fibers that allows the filter to remove particles from the air.

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How to clean filters on shark vacuum?

Shark vacuum is undoubtedly an excellent addition to any home. Most of the shark vacuum contains HEPA filters.

And the bad news is they are pretty sensitive!

The HEPA filters should be cleaned and washable regularly. If you see them carefully, you will find two sets of HEPA filters.

Pretty cool!

This extra one makes it easy to clean on a more regular basis. That’s why Shark is my personal favorite and generally rotates between each set.

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1. Are vacuum filters washable?

Answer: you will find both washable and non-washable filters in the market. Most vacuum cleaners brand offers one or more filters that can be cleaned or even replaced regularly.

2. How do you wash a HEPA vacuum filter?

Answer: first of all, check the manual. If it’s washable, rinse the filter with water thoroughly until the water sucks and free of dirt.

3. How often should you clean your vacuum filter?

Answer: though it may vary for the brand to brand, generally, 12 months to 18 months is the average lifespan of a vacuum filter.

4. How to clean Dyson vacuum filters?

Answer: Well, the process of cleaning the Dyson vacuum filter is also pretty like Shark. The only thing you should keep in mind to use cold water only for Dyson.

final thoughts

Most importantly, choose the model whether it meets your current cleaning needs. That means, consider the floor type and surface area you need to clean.

Let me explain,

For pet owners, who are struggling with picking up hairs from floors or carpets, must choose a vacuum for long hair with strong suction power.

In additionally, for staircase make sure that you have choose the right model of stair vacuum which has a long cord and easy to carry also able to reach narrow areas.

For laminate floors or vinyl plank floors ensure that you have chosen a vacuum cleaner fit for vinyl floors which has a strong suction power, will not harm your floors.

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