How to Empty a Shark Vacuum | Secret Hacks That Works Amazingly

When it comes to powerful deep-cleaning performance, the shark model is unbeatable.

It’s more than a sleek good looking cleaner; this fantastic cleaning tool can handle the toughest messes on the floors.

But here’s the ugly part:

No matter how good your vacuum cleaner is, after a certain period of time, you need to clean or empty your machine. A proper maintenance can ensure better performance and also can increase vacuums lifespan.

It hit me like a ton of bricks!

The good news, Shark devices have a dust bin, which is plastic to contain dirt and debris, not that old fashioned disposable vacuum bag. 

Keep reading, and you’ll find out a complete step by step guidelines on how to empty a shark vacuum cleaner. 

So let’s pound the pavement.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Empty My Shark Vacuum?

Before you learn how to empty a shark vacuum, you must learn how to determine if it needs emptying.

Don’t even try to deny it!

In most of the shark models, you will see the dirt touching either max or max fill written in the top of the dirt cup when it is almost full.


It is always best for your device to clean it when the indicator is halfway that line. Because if half of the vacuum’s dust cup filled up, you would get a lot less suction in your vacuum. So you should clean it as frequently as possible to keep vacuum suction power alive.

Here is some clear sign that indicates it needs to be cleaned up.

  • Annoying suction noise
  • Filters get clogged easily
  • Unpleasant/Bad smelling

How to Empty different shark models? step by step Guideline & tips

For better cleaning and maintaining a smooth operation of the vacuum cleaner, you may need to empty the dirt box at least once every week. If you vacuum daily, We highly suggest you to clean vacuums filter at least Once a week while emptying.

But keep in mind:

There are lots of different types of shark models available in the market. Some models may require a bit different approach.

So the instruction here is pretty basic, and you will be required to do the same with most models. Meanwhile, we will also cover how to empty some specific shark vacuum, like upright vacuum or cordless vacuum as well.

Step 1: Find out what is your shark vacuum type.

Before even you get started with the process, it is better to know what kind of vacuum you are dealing with. It will get you a much clearer idea about how and in what order you need to do it.

Step 2: Cut the power source first.

First, you need to disconnect the device from the source of its power. If your vacuum is cordless, then turn it off and remove the battery from it.

Step 3: Find and separate the dirt cup.

Locate the dirt cup release mechanism in the vacuum. Separate it from the vacuum and take the dust container to the trash bin to empty it. In your device, you can check the level of dirt on the indicator whether it has reached the maximum level or not.

What’s next?

Find and press the release tab. So empty the dirt, and after you finish emptying the dirt cup, put it back to its place. Set the vacuum in a place like before and check if it’s working smoothly.

How to Empty an Upright Shark vacuum Cleaner?

To empty upright shark vacuums like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum or Shark APEX DuoClean Vacuum, you need to cut the power source first, as mentioned here previously.

So what am I talking about?

Then proceed to detach the dust cup from the upright shark vacuum. In most of the models, you will find a release tab to separate it. Press the tab to get the dust cup.

But wait – there’s more.

Empty it in your trash can by pressing either the upper release tab or you can do it with the lower release tab of the dirt cup as well. Once you are done with emptying, put the dust cup back into the place. Probably you get the answer of how to empty shark navigator vacuum.

How to Empty Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

How to empty shark ion cordless vacuum like the Shark ION vacuum cleaner or Shark IONFlex?

It’s the question you secretly dread, right?

Well, it is almost the same as the upright model.

The critical difference is the dirt cup is likely to be the top of the wand of your cordless shark vacuum cleaner. Detach it by pressing the wand-detach button. You need to find the dust cup release button in the particular model.

Get it?

It may vary in different shark cordless vacuums, but it is usually on the bottom side of the dust cup. So once you locate it, release the dirt into the trash bag and attach it to the wand again. Yes, it is as simple as it can get. Try this and see how magnificent the result is.

How to Empty Shark Rocket vacuum Cleaner?

Nothing complicated here. Emptying and cleaning are Just like another Shark vacuum. Here are some simple procedures or steps which may help you do it easily.

  • Start by removing the filter from the vacuum cleaner. Once you are done, open the top to remove the filter system.
  • Clean the tinny dust and particles from it. Ensure that zero particles before jumping to the next step.
  • Wash the filter thoroughly under plain running water.

Make sure the vacuum filter dry properly before installing it next time. Even a little moisture can cause a lot of pain later. Keep it in mind.

How Often Should You Empty Your shark vacuum?

Well, it’s a tricky question.

And the answer may surprise you; it’s in your vacuum’s user manual. Read it first. It may vary as it’s maintenance or specification.

What’s the average expectation?

As a general rule, you should clean shark vacuum cleaners after every 12 to 18 months. Wondering the law be applied if it looks not old enough or in full capacity?

Well, even if it looks good, it’s best practice to empty it often to get the maximum or optimal performance for a more extended period of time. Good for you. Although you are owning the best vacuum cleaner in the market, which also requires proper cleaning after certain uses.

Make no mistake about it!

A good practice is clean when it reaches half or even two-thirds of its capacity. In fact, we all want long-lasting performance. Proper maintaining is the only way to make vacuums lasting long. Don’t worry, we will tell you how to use vacuum cleaner properly for lasting long and optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions by User

When its time to Empty and clean your shark vacuum

Honestly, there is no exact word. It depends on how frequently you like to vacuum your place and how messy and dusty your floor is. Its better to check the level indicator when its need to empty or clean.

How to empty shark robot vacuums?

Check the status of your dustbin in the debris window. If it indicates full, just press the release button on the top of the dock and slide the bin out. Second step, hold it over the trash & press the release button located on the bottom of the bin. Finally, reinstall the bin by sliding it into the slot in the base.

How to empty shark handheld vacuums?

To begin empty handheld style, remove the dust cup and slide off the filter housing and lift out the filter. Tap the filter to remove dust and debris. You can wash it under water and wait until it dry completely.

Final Words

Doesn’t matter how many days or hours you have spent to find the powerful vacuum cleaners. Every single model requires proper maintenance.

As there is a wide variety in terms of features, filtration, dust cup, size, capacity, and technology. The procedure of emptying, cleaning, and maintenance can vary for each model.

All types of vacuum cleaner absorb a large amount of dust, debris, pet hair. Thus, there is a high chance of the device getting clogged or lose its suction power. It’s extremely crucial to empty the cleaner regularly to ensure its optimal performance. Hope, you got a clear idea on how to empty a shark vacuum cleaner properly.

Finally, I personally suggest please read the user manual before going to any operation.

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