How to use vacuum cleaner and Love Every Minute of It

Vacuuming, the chore that drives me crazy!

Does it sound like you?

Well, probably you are actually doing it in the wrong way. And the good news is you are not alone. There are lots of people who are wasting a hell amount of time practicing it wrong.

If you need some help, we got you covered with step by step guide on how to use a vacuum cleaner with picture-perfect precision right here.

How Do You Use Vacuum Cleaner Step By Step

Don’t be panic, It’s really pretty simple to clean your vacuum brush tools. Don’t forget, regular maintaining and proper use are the only secrets to increase the lifespan of a vacuum. Here are some easy and effective steps for you to know about how to use vacuum cleaner more effectively.

Check the dust bag regularly

Whether you are using your cleaner daily or weekly, you need to keep your dust bag clean and empty. If you don’t empty the dust bag even after it is filled, you may end up harming the vacuum.

Declutter before you start cleaning

Decluttering the area you is about to clean is very important. Otherwise, it may take longer to finish the cleaning than you have previously expected.

Clean the Vacuum Brush regularly

Keeping the vacuum brush dust and debris free is a necessity to ensure better cleaning. Clean out the brush and other attachments you have used after each cleaning session. Using detergents and water is enough for the cleaning of the brush, but make sure they are dry before you put it into use again.

Benefits And Uses Of Vacuum Cleaner In Daily Life

A healthier environment at home

One recent study revealed that using a vacuum can eliminate 96% of insects and dust mites that are hidden in our plain sight. So using a vacuum cleaner can ensure a healthy environment for your family.

Great at cleaning pet fur, urine, and poops

We also should mention the excellent ease the vacuum cleaning provides when it comes to cleaning the stain of urine and poop left behind by our beloved pets. A good vacuum cleaner for pet litter won’t let you feel overwhelmed, and your house won’t smell like dog piss 24/7 either.

Easy clean up of cars interior

Car and its interior tend to dust like magnets, and it gets dirty quite fast. As a result, they have to be washed with dry wash service now and then, and it will require you to pay some hefty bucks.

How to use vacuum cleaner in car?

But if you use a good vacuum cleaner and strong suction power, it can pull out the dust from the cars interior and save both your time and money as well.

How To Use vacuum cleaner Wet And Dry?

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are handy vacuum cleaner. I like them because they can be used for cleaning anything from a bathtub to windows to even fireplaces as well. It can pick up both liquid spills and other diets as well.

But if you are wondering how to use vacuum cleaners wet and dry and how do they might differ from other vacuums, the truth is they are not that much different. But the crucial difference here is that as they use two different filters, both cleaning both moist dirt and other dirt, you need to be extremely cautious of stagnant water.

All you need to do is to clean vacuums filter more often and the bucket regularly so that there is no liquid left inside the hose or the bucket.

How To Use Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Clean the roller

Get rid of hairs stuck inside the roller regularly. The roller of Dyson vacuum cleaners tends to catch lots of hair, especially pet hairs, if you have one. To keep your Dyson in optimal working condition, you need to clean up those hairs at least once a month.

Let the attachments and accessories dry

Don’t rush if it takes more than a few hours to dry all the parts, including the accessories, let them be! It’s better to wait for some time rather than not letting them dry before you reassemble them. Otherwise, it might end up growing molds inside your Dyson vacuum.

Don’t use detergents to clean the filter

One mistake many people make when cleaning the Dyson filter is using detergents. It is not recommended; rather you can use cold water instead of detergents.

How Do You Use The Eureka Vacuum Cleaner?

Here is how to use eureka vacuum cleaner and troubleshoot some of the most common problems you might face while using eureka vacuum cleaner.

What to do when there is not enough suction?

If you are using the eureka vacuum cleaner for cleaning the carpets or bare floor, make sure to check whether the dust cup is empty before you start. Because of the dust cup is filled up, the vacuum may not work correctly and cause several problems like not enough suction power or malfunction of the hose

If the brush roll does not work

If the brush roll is not turning on or not working properly, check out whether there is any dirt or debris stuck inside the brush roll. If there any, clean it out. Also, check out whether if the brush roll belt is broken or got out of shape. It can also happen due to this reason.

Using different vacuum cleaner attachments

Here is how to use vacuum cleaner attachments for getting the maximum result out of your vacuum cleaner

Use of the Dusting Brush

As the name suggests, Dusting Brush is a great accessory, and you can use it to remove and clean dust from anywhere. You can use this soft brush to clean dust from the floor to windows, shelves, and even old rugs and carpets as well.

Use of the Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is a quite handy attachment of a vacuum cleaner. It helps you to reach those tight corners that you can’t reach otherwise. It will even help you to clean your car and places like under the sofa and other furniture as well.

Use of Extension Wand

As the name suggests, it is a wand, and it is used for cleaning places like the ceiling and walls. If you want to clean those places that are quite high up in the ceiling or on the wall, extend the wand and clean it there with ease.

Use of Upholstery Tool

This attachment is specially made keeping upholstery items like the couch, sofa, and other furniture in mind. Upholstery Tool is convenient for cleaning dust off the fabric of your sofa and other upholstery items.

Final Verdict

No doubt that a vacuum cleaner is an amazing invention for household cleaning chores. But most of us fail to realize its importance. It’s quite impossible to clean wall to wall without a vacuum cleaner.

To get an effortless cleaning, you must know how often you should vacuum, how to use a vacuum cleaner properly, and how to maintain it.

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