How To Make a Vacuum Cleaner Quieter? [6 Easy Steps]

A clean house keeps your mind tranquil and creates a good impression of you. A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool to clean floors and carpets inside houses, hotels, etc.

However, the odd noises produced when you use a vacuum cleaner can give you a headache. In today’s world, there are different ways to tackle the noises and other issues caused by vacuum cleaners.

This is the ultimate guide that explains and elaborates on how to make a vacuum cleaner quieter. If you want to find out more, keep on scrolling!

What Causes a Vacuum to Be Loud?

Every vacuum cleaner user is familiar with the loud noises it makes. Here we will describe the most common reasons why your vacuum cleaner is loud:

1. Dirty Filter

From time to time, make sure to check the filter because it tends to get dirty. The vacuum creates a lot of noise as it gets cumbersome to generate suction when it is filthy.

2. Broken Fan

Inside the motor of your vacuum, there is a fan which, if broken, can make noises louder than usual. When dirt and debris accumulate in the motor, it can clog and eventually break the fan.

3. Vibration

This is a very typical thing that comes with the use of vacuum cleaners. Since most vacuums are made out of plastic, when air travels through it, loud noises are created. There is not much to be done about it except replace your entire cleaner.

4. Broken Brush

The brushes in the vacuum can start to make abnormal noises and vibration if it gets broken. To check if this is the problem, simply turn off the brush to notice whether the noise is still there or not. If it does not make the sound anymore, then clearly, the brush needs to be changed.

5. Motor

After using the vacuum for a while, the motor is likely to go through some wear and tear. Most vacuums have AC motors, which are what causes the whirling noise. Old vacuum cleaners had an AC motor. Nowadays, they have DC motors, which ensure a quieter cleaning experience.

How to Reduce Vacuum Cleaner Noise?

Before getting started, you need to figure out from where the noise is coming from. Listen carefully from which specific parts of your vacuum cleaner makes the noise.

Vacuum cleaner noises typically arise due to issues inside certain parts of it. The following points outline the ways you can reduce vacuum cleaner noise:

1. Fix The Filter

If the cause of the noise is a dirty filter, we highly recommend to clean the vacuum filter or replacing the filter to ease the suction process for the vacuum.

However, you can also reuse it by removing it at first then cleaning it with warm water. Usually, there are two filters, but only the one near the bag that collects dirt needs to be changed from time to time.

2. Fix The Fan

Any issues with the fan can be fixed if you tighten it or replace the blades. But if it’s broken, you will need to replace it. Do not use any glue or tape to remedy the situation, as that will only aggravate things.

3. Clean the Brush and/or Canister

Sometimes clumps of dirt or little things can get stuck in the brush and/or the canister. In those cases, just remove the brush, clean it, then you can reuse it. If it’s the canister, then empty it, clean it, then reuse it.

4. Insulation

If your vacuum is large enough, you can insulate the motor, which will help absorb the sound waves. This will dramatically reduce the reverberations created when air travels across the components inside a vacuum.

5. Engine Problems

To avoid corrosion in the engine, grease its bearings and try to often clean any dust that collects in the housing of the motor. This will also prevent the motor from overheating and make loud noises. Some type of vacuums has suspended motors which reduces the sounds.

6. Buy a New Vacuum

Once the bearings in the shaft of the motor get damaged, it can be dangerous to repair the vacuum cleaner since that can result in electric shocks. It is best to buy a new vacuum cleaner just to be on the safe side.

What are the Quietest Vacuum Cleaners?

Keep in mind that you will not get a completely noiseless vacuum cleaner. It will most likely be quieter than the usual ones. Here is a list of types of vacuum cleaners for you to choose what best suits your purpose:

1. AEG Ultrasilencer

This particular vacuum cleaner is the quietest one in the market with little to no disadvantages. It’s best for both carpets and hard floors, so you’re getting your money’s worth.

2. Robotic Vacuum

Due to advances in technology, we now have robotic vacuums that run automatically and do not make any noise. Its performance may not be as fantastic as the others, but it does provide convenience for the user.

3. Stick Vacuum

Stick vacuums make relatively less noise than canister and handheld vacuums. They are budget-friendly and are known to function correctly for a long time.

What are the Benefits of Having a Quiet Vacuum?

One of the prime benefits is that you can clean when your family is sleeping. So you can choose any time of the day to clean without worrying about complaints from your roommates or neighbors. You can also clean for extended periods.

Besides, you will get some respite from cleaning without constant noises in the background. Chronic exposure to sound pollution can be detrimental to health.

Furthermore, it saves on electricity and money without any loss of performance. So you get an efficient cleaner while simultaneously cutting on carbon emissions and energy bills.

Final Thought-Make Your Vacuum Cleaners Quieter!

Who could say no to a quiet vacuum? It will give you much-needed relief and a peaceful time cleaning. Our regular lives are fraught with stress; nobody would prefer to have a noisy vacuum cleaner.

Take into consideration certain factors such as suction level, storage, etc. when choosing what type of vacuum you want. Even when you buy a vacuum that makes a low noise, it can start to produce sounds over time due to clogged filters or broken parts.

Now that you know how to make a vacuum cleaner quieter, you can have a chill time doing household chores.

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