Vitamix 6500 vs Vitamix 7500 Which Blender is Best?

Vitamix 6500 vs Vitamix 7500 which is the best blender? No doubt, that Vitamix is a legendary brand. It has been in the blender game for so many years because of its authentic products. This brand has an excellent reputation for quality products for many years.

Today, we focus on popular products Vitamix 6500 vs 7500. A large number of potential customers are not able to choose between the two because they are super incredible blenders. In this article, we shall focus on the differences between the two blenders. It is a comparison that will focus on different aspects of prices, features, and ease of use. Here, we will also look into the pros and cons of the two. This is an ultimate guide that will help you make a sound decision when between the two.

What is the difference between the two blenders?

There is no doubt that many people are confused about which blender to choose. Both Vitamix blenders are known for better performance, useful features such as automation, programmed settings, and even touch screen display. However, both have distinguishable differences. This article has the details you need to know.

Differences in terms of features

The two blenders share a lot in terms of features, and that why both are closely related. However, there is a key difference in terms of features, which makes them very different and even functions loosely differently. Differences include preset modes, noise dampening, and the base series. Vitamix 7500 is quieter than the 6500 model, Vitamix 6500 comes with three programmed modes while 7500 has none, and lastly, Vitamix 7500 runs on a G series base, and the 6500 model uses a C series base. Now, let’s focus on the overall differences between the two blenders

Difference in Noise levels

Both models are using the same 2.2 peak horsepower motor. As mentioned above, 7500 runs on the G series, while the other model uses the C series, which brings a significant difference at the base of the motor. The C series does not have Insulation to help dump the noise. On the other hand, the 7500 has good Insulation, which dampens the sound from the blender.

Here, 7500 tends to be the best choice compared to the Vitamix 6500.

Difference In Layout and controls

From a closer look at the two, you tend to see similar control features. Below are some similarities:

  • An On/Off toggle which controls the flow of power to the motor
  • Main power switches
  • A Pulse toggle.
  • Finally, speed control

However, the 7500 has some differences from the 6500 as outlined:  

  1. Different locations of the power switches. For Vitamix 6500, it is located on the front part blender below the control panel.  
  1. Different viable speed dial. Vitamix 6500 model has three preset options, which are for smoothies, hot soup, and frozen desserts.

Smoothies’ option: it runs for the preset time to blend ingredients to the exact consistency and texture. The unit usually turns itself off as a way of avoiding over blending. Frozen Desserts: This option works similarly to that of the smoothie. After attaining the right texture and consistency, it will just turn off.

Hot Soup option: the blender runs for about ten minutes. The friction generated heats up0 the soup.

For the 7500 model, it has no programmed modes, and the buttons are slightly different from those of the 6500 model. It has viable speed control, which is accompanied by ten different settings.

With such a specific comparison, Vitamix 6500 tends to offer the best service because of the preset options.

The difference in ease of use

From the above features explained, you realize that the Vitamix 7500 was designed and is suitable for more demanding users. The 7500 model is ideal for that person who wants to carefully adjust the settings to discover the best smoothies they desire. It might be time-consuming, but the user blends to get the best results all by themselves, and it is what they want. An experienced cook or Chef would enjoy this blender

 On the other, Vitamix 6500 will suit anyone, even those who are not proficient with blenders. Do you want to save time? Then it will work for you since you will get your smoothie or soup instantly without having to do a lot of settings on your blender. If you are an amateur, then it is a great deal for you.

The difference in terms of prices.

Vitamix 6500 and 7500 are closely related and are almost identical. As looking from the above, the only difference is three features, as discussed. However, it brings about the difference in terms of pricing as offered in the markets. A 6500 model tends to be cheaper compared to the 7500 model. It could save you more than $20. Vitamix 7500 is new in the model in today’s markets, and that could be one reason for such a price.

A quick check of Pros and Cons of the two models

We shall briefly look into the advantages and disadvantages of the two models. It will equip you with a better understanding of the models. It will also be a guide to help you make the best decision which you feel fits your preference. Have a look.

Pros of a 6500 model:

  • Variable speed setting
  • Blends the sane for all ingredients
  • Relatively cheaper compared to the 7500 model.
  • 64-Ounce Container
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Three presets for blending. (suitable for busy chefs)

Cons of the 6500 model:

  • It lacks noise dampening; thus, it is too loud.

Pros of Vitamix 7500:

  • Variable speed settings
  • Pulse option for lighter blends and speedy chops.
  • Noise dampening Insulation for the motor
  • 64- Ounce container

Cons of the 7500 model:

  • More expensive compared to the 6500
  • It does not have blending presets, which might inconvenience some users.

The Bottom line

From the above reflection, the two models from the Vitamix series, are relatively similar.  Both blenders are from the same brand, Vitamix, and lock and perform almost the same. Both are of good quality. Vitamix is a brand with an excellent reputation for many years due to the quality of their products. Both come with a seven-year warranty, have a 64- ounce low-profile container, and the same blade housing. Which model should you choose from the two?  A decision might be challenging, but there a few things to consider.

For Vitamix 7500, a calm motor with less noise, a good sleek design, and pulse controls. Besides, it blends almost any ingredient thrown it and very quickly.

For the other one, you will get all of the above 7500 features except that it too noisy. Another great thing is it comes with preset modes for auto blending. It does not need too blending skills. Finally, it is cheaper compared to the 7500 model.

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